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Harry could not resist.
Fuck you! He roared, jumping to his feet.
Grabbing the girl by the waist, he tore off her dress and threw Nicole to the floor.

Is it really so difficult to remove the dress ?! He shouted, pulling off his pants.
Nicole looked at Harry in dismay in horror, unable to figure out what was wrong.
Come on, open your mouth! Nicole did not have time to say a word, as Harry pushed her healthy member into her mouth.
That’s it, bitch! He breathed.
– Suck !.
Nicole has never done this before.
At some second, she even thought that all this was just a performance that her new acquaintance started to show what sometimes clients are.
But the deeper his cock pierced her in the throat, the more she understood that all this horror was a terrible truth.
Lick me the balls! Nicole began to lead her nimble little tongue through Harry’s massive hairy testicles.
Oh! Like this! Grabbing her hair, he slapped her the strongest slap.
Nicole tried to scream, but then a healthy dick sank into her mouth again.
If you try to bite, you’ll be on the spot – threatened Harry and, grabbing the girl by the hair, pulled to the wall.
Why are you doing this? – managed to utter a girl.
What for? Oh, why ?! And Harry started kicking Nicole.
Methyl mainly in the abdomen and vagina.
Stop it! – screamed Nicole.
Harry again planted her head on the dick and began frantically hammering the girl’s throat.
Nicole vomited, but Harry didn’t let her go.
Vomiting mixed with saliva and tears flowed down Nicole’s face.
Vile creature! – shouted Harry.
– Remember, you are my property! I will use you as I want! You are my toy !.
Nicole was already losing consciousness when Harry began hitting her across the face with the back of her hand, breaking the nasal septum.
The girl’s face turned into stuffing.

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Creature! – Harry puffed, continuing to fuck the girl in the mouth.

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– Vile creature !.
Nicole did not have the strength to resist, and she mentally prayed to quickly disconnect.
Harry grabbed the started bottle of whiskey from the table and shoved it deep into the girl’s vagina.
Does it hurt, crap? – he asked.
– Now you forget about this pain !.
And he started banging his feet on Nicole’s vagina until the bottle split.
Blood poured from the vagina, and Harry nodded in satisfaction.
Nicole had already passed out by that moment and was now slowly dying.
Do not sleep! Harry shouted, slapping her hard in the face with all his might.
Grabbing Nicole by the hair, he pierced with force into her throat, and the girl came to her senses.
Harry didn’t give her a break.
He fucked and fucked her in the throat, feeling that the girl was choking.
Suck, and I’ll let you go.
Did you hear? Nicole tried to nod, but she didn’t have the strength.
Her whole body turned into a solid wound.
Harry reached for the dresser and took out small nail scissors from the drawer.
Pulling the girl’s right nipple, he carefully cut it off.
The girl soared from the pain and began to fight back.
That’s much better! – smiled at Harry, again beating the girl.
Soon Nicole lost consciousness again, and only a few minutes later Harry pulled the penis out of her mouth.
He suddenly had another idea.
As soon as a thick white liquid spattered from his cock, he chicked scissors again, this time, cutting off the tip of her left ear to the girl.
The girl moaned again, and tears came from her swollen eyes.
Pouring Nicole’s bloody Nicole’s bloody face with sperm, Harry enjoyed it.
He even closed his eyes from pleasure.
So good, he was long gone.
Well that’s all.
He released Nicole, and she slowly slid down the wall to the floor.
Harry, taking a few napkins, wiped his dick and bloody shoes, put on his pants and headed for the door.
The girl moaned softly, lying in a pool of blood, snot and sperm.
Nice to meet you! – Harry nodded to her and left the room.
Having closed the door with a key, he went downstairs and ran into the stairs with the girl.
Paloma? He asked in surprise.
Harry? – she smiled.
Harry could not believe his eyes.
He looked at the girl standing before him in surprise, and his gaze touched her hands.
On each of her palms there were only two fingers.
Harry cut the rest at their last meeting.
How are you? Do you live? Fine.
Harry continued to look at Palom.
She charmed him at the time, when, like Nicole, she first appeared in this club.
But now she lost all interest to Harry.
He already tried it, took everything she could give him.
And even more.
“Nothing,” Harry thought to himself.
– “There are still a lot of girls! I certainly have enough! ”And how are you? – Paloma asked him. Animal sex dating webcam.

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