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White pillow cases were soaked in red, whole patterns of blood.
– How much blood !? – turned pale girl.
– It’s all me? “You, only this,” the prince pointedly pointed to a small spot.

– But other? – ABOUT! – the prince broke into a contented smile.
“You turned out to be a very passionate cat, Your Highness.”

– Drauk pointedly turned his back.
– They scratched me in the blood, and then they bit my shoulder too! The princess was ready to die from such a shame, but Drauc, as if nothing had happened, stood up, stretched sweetly and began to dress hastily.
“I must leave you, your highness,” he said at parting, brazenly kicking the girl on the cheek.
– A lot of work.
The prince is gone, and the disgraced Lien is left sitting on a crumpled bed, trying to squeeze out tears.
I really wanted to feel miserable and humiliated, to cry over fate, but for some reason the girl felt relatively satisfied.
Wrong was delighted that the first part of the plan to destroy the prince’s reputation was fulfilled.
Now you need to wait until it is given to the soldiers.

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Yurra, outposts.
thoughtful princess on bloody pillowcases, at first, rounded her eyes, then, instantly having understood everything, surrounded me with caress and care.
Lien helped get dressed, sat on a chair, brought warm herbal decoction and combed her hair while she drank a tart drink in small sips.
Yurra said something, but Lien nodded and smiled, although she did not understand anything.
Now this woman acted on her as the best sedative.
The headache subsided, the princess calmed down and decided to stroll through the castle and its environs.
Yurra quickly cleaned up the room, changed the laundry on the bed, and with a silent shadow followed the princess.
The atmosphere of the palace pressured the girl, so she quickly headed to the city, taking advantage of the exit for servants.
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