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He drove his fingers between Hermione’s vagina and anus, putting his fingers deep into either one reddened hole or another.
Curly Gryffindor bit her lip from the pain in the cruelly flogged gentle places.
– In the pussy or ass, Granger? Hermione barely thought of shame and pain.

Everything floated in the eyes.
Still, she realized that if Malfoy raped her traditionally, then Goyle would rap her in the ass.
This she feared the most.
“In the ass,” she said with dry lips.
“I don’t understand, ask better,” said Malfoy.
– Fuck me in the ass.
Draco, ”Hermione whispered, sobbing.
“Lady’s wish is law,” Draco bowed and conjured a mattress on the floor.
If people were going to explode from the bursting of emotions, there would be only a few bits and pieces from Ron Weasley.
He wrung his fingers, shouted something and threatened his fist, but Malfoy still threw Hermione on the mattress, lay down on his side and easily pushed his dick through her broken-down sphincter.
Hermione, moaning from Ron, was shut down for a minute by Pansy and Goyle.
Ron was amazed at the thickness of Goyle’s dick: one and a half times thicker than he himself.
How does he fit in the vagina of the gryffindor? Goyle did not ask such questions.
He lay down, put the head on Hermione’s labia-stained lips and pulled it over his dick.
When he began to move here and there, with each friction Hermione’s cunt almost turned inside out.
Ginny screamed next to her.
Harry and Ron watched helplessly as Montague in one motion thrust his dick into her exhausted vagina and began to ruthlessly plow like a jackhammer.

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On the other hand, Nott joined the red-haired girl’s ass, and after a moment Ginny was stretched on two cocks.
Moans, cries, body slaps against the body resounded throughout the Slytherin living room.
“How they scream loudly,” said Millicent.
“So make them work with your mouth,” Pansy dismissed.
She crouched over Hermione’s face, and Millie also stood over Ginny.
Hermione opened her tear-stained eyes.
Each push of Draco and Goyle in her holes caused pain, but at the same time she felt like itching with each of these movements in the lower

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abdomen – an irresistible desire to end.
So as not to look straight into Pansy’s wet vagina, Hermione turned her head and met Ginny’s gaze.
Ginny’s eyes frightened with every thrust of Montague and Nott.
She looked at Hermione pleadingly, as if hoping that she would do the impossible and come up with some kind of solution that would save slaves from bullying.
Then Millie sat down with Ginny’s oily hairy pussy, covering her from Hermione with thick thighs.
Pansy grabbed Hermione by the Gryffindor tie and pulled her face to her wet vagina.
“We already.
we will not be saved.
Well, at least Ron and Harry can’t see that, “flashed through Hermione’s head.
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He would have gone to bed a long time ago, but he wanted to make sure that Potter and Weasley did not betray themselves.
Already many times he heard muffled curses on their part – obviously, the Gryffindors screamed so loudly that even the muffling spells were pierced.
And it was because of what to shout.
Granger and Wislett were now not like the best students of Gryffindor, but like used rubber women who were used by more than one generation of anxious.
They didn’t even shout, but only groaned to the friction movements of Slytherins.
Draco and Goyle turned Hermione’s vagina and anus into rasthened red holes, greedily swallowing Slytherins’ dicks.
Montague and Nott did the same with Ginny Weasley, who was now zealously sweeping Slytherins. Bongacam medovaja.

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