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She pulled her hands to the people, but everyone tried not to notice her and pass by.
I approached her.
Mother! What’s the matter? – I extended my hand to her.

– May I help? Son! Thank you! – she tightly grabbed me.
I raised her to her feet.
Please son! Take me Home! – she asked.
– Ato really completely senile, legs do not hold! Yes, no question, mother! – I didn’t want to drink vodka, – I’d rather help the old lady! I caught a taxi and put it in the back seat.
Street N-sky house such and such! – she called the address to the taxi driver, and then turned to me.
– Son, you really have to go home! The taxi driver did not know this address.
So I will show! – the old woman offered.
We went.
It was somewhere on the outskirts of the city, we were walking for a long time along small streets among the houses of the private sector.
Finally they stopped at some dilapidated house.
Arrived! – I helped her out.

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taxi driver received the money immediately sped off.
Son! Get into the house already! She asked again.
I helped.
The house had only two rooms.
I put the old woman on an old sofa and wanted to leave.
Wait son! You helped me! And I want to thank you! – said grandma.
Yes, do not, mother! Not worth it! You do not interrupt when the older say with you! – her voice has changed.
– You’re the only one who decided to help! Already thought that everything, there are no honest people left! You’re a good guy, that’s why I will grant you.

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What money does it offer? – I thought.
Man, I will not give you money! – as if reading my mind, she said.
“But I will give you something more than money.”
And what? – I asked, surprised.
Force! Great power, male! – she rummaged under the sofa, and pulled out a small bottle.
Look This is an ancient remedy! – she shook the jar, and I saw there was some kind of pale green liquid.
– A vintage elixir! On rare herbs! And what should I do about it? – I asked.
Like what? Drink! Drink two thirds yourself, and give a third a drink to your wife! Look on the ring I see that he is married! Have you got a children? Not! No children! Somehow it did not work! – I frowned.
Son, they have shattered the little people now, with their mind, conscience, and body! Not like before! You see, and you have no children! Said the old woman.
– It’s all from modern life! Ecology, tainted environment and food is already neta! Well, your conscience is fine! But the body! What about my body? – I asked.
Yes, you saw yourself in the mirror? Do you even get involved in sports, or physical work! Probably, you sit in some seedy office behind a computer! It’s true! – I thought.
With my body and the truth of the problem, well, so slowly began to blur, but after all, 32 years old, beer belly and all that.
All right, mother! Thank you! – I answered her ironically.
Yes, you old me do not be offended! You better look! – she pointed to two photos hanging on the wall.
In the old photos were two girls.
The faces were almost the same, but the figures were different.
Probably sisters! – looking at the pictures I thought.
One was the most ordinary, but the other exuded some kind of sexual energy.
The girl in the second photo was more feminine, more attractive, there was a sparkle in her eyes, and there was a slight confident smile on her lips.
It’s all me! Well, in youth of course! Here before the elixir, and here after! – she said.
– You take a bottle! Have a drink! And you will change immediately! You’ll see, a proven tool.
Just remember one! As you drink, from that moment on you will be with your wife as one! Cam teen sex.

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