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The very idea to masturbate under this seemed blasphemous.
Maybe this should be done in principle, but I have respect not only for sex, not only for the beautiful passages of my Beloved, but also manhood.
And I sat and looked at what was happening, forced myself to be distracted, looked at the situation, closed my eyes.

And the couple was still in motion, another condom was dropped, a respite, and again their sex in more and more new positions.
Any nightmare comes to an end.
The man left the studio, the Lady lay naked on the bed, smoked distractedly, then beckoned me to her.
I went, adjusting to the fact that I would ask her to stop further quirks, to return to the old relationship and forgive me.
I was not given to speak.
The lady told me to kneel, rinsed my throat with champagne, repeatedly spat into my mouth, ordered me to lick my pussy and anus that was swollen and softened from sex.
Then she slowly got up and said that she needed to take a shower.
I sat for almost an hour in an empty studio, then the telephone rang, Mrs. Chubby webcam sex.

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