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I wanted to shout at the whole world about my feelings.
Stretching out my arms, I grabbed her breasts and began to twist her nipples.
It has always acted on Olga.

She began to moan hollowly and sit down even more on my dick.
These were moments of animal intimacy and sensual sex.
Sweet ache in the eggs was not long in coming.
A cramp passed through my body, and my orgasm eclipsed my mind.
Sperm poured a powerful stream inside her gut.
Olga felt the flow of the seed in her paused, only the little ring of the anus squeezed tightly on my penis.
And I continued to pour sperm into it.
I poured out of her body.
Falling member with a whipping sound left a cozy ass.
The anus is not yet closed, and I saw my sperm flow from the dark depths.
Olga got up and took off her panties soiled with sperm, carefully wiped her ass.
Then she crumpled them and threw them into her purse.
Well, perhaps enough for today! – said Olga pulled down her skirt and took my arm.
– Let’s go home.
I still need to lubricate the ass and swab change.
Let’s go to! – I replied.
Then I had many more women.
But none of them could surprise me so much as my aunt.
To be continued.
Dear readers! This story was written by me from the words of the main characters! This is a completely true story that happened in real life! It happened in a supermarket.
I stood in front of the racks with all sorts of delicacies and chose what to buy.
– Victor? It’s you? – behind me came a melodious voice.
I turned around.
Before me stood a young woman.
And she smiled at me.
I immediately remembered her.
– Glowworm! Svetka! It’s you? We hugged.
“I thought you wouldn’t recognize me!” Well, how could I forget her.
First school love.
The image of a thin, slim girl with long pigtails

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and lush bows came to mind.

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Now before me was a real mature beauty.
Tall platinum blonde, long-legged, slim with slender features.
In her green eyes played a demonic light.
Chubby sponge! I remember kissing them with passion.
– Well, unless you forget it! – I said.
– What do you live? What’s new? Married? – she bombarded me with questions.
– Yes, I live well! Not complaining! Opened his restaurant! Yes, and never married! Well, what about you? Married? – Yes, too quietly! Now divorcing my husband! How’s your brother? – Everything is fine! Brother now lives in Germany! “Why didn’t you get married?” – Yes, I never met someone like you! – Vitya, you blatantly flatter me! Write down my phone number.
– She dictated the numbers.
– Now I am in a hurry.
– Call me! Just be sure! I will wait! – she said.
– I promise! We said goodbye.
And she left.
And I was standing and smiling stupidly, enjoying the scent of her perfume.
Nakatili memories.
It was a time of great change.
The great and mighty red empire fell apart.
And on the fragments of the old system, people survived as they could.
We did not have a father, and mother and I were raised by our mother with one brother.
My brother was already an adult by that time, having served as a boy in Afghanistan.
Returning, he did not find more than another job began to engage in racketeering.
Soon he knew the whole area.
And I liked having such a brother.
In the 11th grade, we had a new one, it was Sveta.
Her parents moved to our area and their daughter was transferred to our school.
Somehow I immediately liked this thin girl.
She was the only blonde in class.
Our girls were all brunettes and were jealous of her blond hair and green eyes.
But I was a shy guy, and did not dare to approach her.
But everything changed his majesty case.
I returned home when I met her.
Surprised by my courage, I offered her to hold her.
She agreed.
It turned out that we have a lot in common, she also loved rock music, and she liked drawing.
We stopped at a crossroads to cross the road.
It was early spring and melted snow was gathering in huge puddles.
For such a puddle, and a red nine drove at a decent speed.
Having covered us with ice-cold melt water, without thinking twice, I picked up a stone and threw it into the car.
Goed into the rear window.
Which, immediately covered with a huge web of cracks.
Nine stopped, and three strong guys jumped out of it.
All three were dressed in tracksuits, sneakers and short-haired.
– Vlyapalsya! These are racketeers! – a thought flashed through my head. Dad cam sex.

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