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Naked along the street you will not go, and even these inscriptions that you just can not erase.
If we ring the door at the entrance.
And maybe some hachi come across? Similarly, we will perish and no one will find! – Natasha was thinking.

In the end, she just stood up (naked, wrapped in a rag !!) from the basement, hid behind the wall, and I stood far away, and began to look out who was going.
First 2 men passed – naturally we hid, then a homeless old man, followed by 3 boys 15 years old with beer (I just now understand what it would be like if they noticed us !!! Imagine!).
And then we saw a woman of about 40, well-dressed, from a decent family: – Help, for God’s sake! We were raped.
Call an ambulance please! We beg! – Natasha began to pray plaintively.
At first the woman was taken aback, jumped aside (which we were afraid of), but then, seeing that we were not gangsters, she stopped.
Everything was written on our faces.
“Girls, what happened?!”, She seemed to have entered our position when she saw inscriptions on her back.
– We were robbed and raped – they all took away! Help for the sake of God! – we babbled like nuns the same thing.
– Okay, okay, follow me.
– a woman led us to the 3rd floor, after which she led us to her apartment.
In the apartment a big rottweiler immediately attacked us, whom she immediately calmed down and locked in the room.
– Go wash in the bathroom at the washstand, but do not meddle in the bathroom itself – I do not allow it! – Good good! Thank you very much !, we were babbling in tears of happiness.
After we went and thoroughly washed.
I washed the remnants of blood and drool from my face, and Natasha had bruises on her ribs.

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When we left, we were waiting for clothes.
(spoiled rags, if you don’t give a ruble for that, but we were very happy!) – Girls, I don’t want to call an ambulance here! I do not want me to have problems later, the police.
I do not need it.
Let’s do this: I will call you a taxi and it will take you home and clothes.
You to me.
– she hesitated.
“And we tell you what?” Natasha began (we stood absolutely naked in front of her).
– And you show me how you do it, that’s all.
Always wanted to watch! I began to think that we had plunged into even more shit, although there was nowhere worse, the dog periodically growled outside the door.
but at this moment Natasha struck me! She quickly approached the woman and, squatting in front of her, began to crawl under her skirt.
The woman recoiled with a squeal: “Don’t touch me!” And Natasha then crawled right on her knees to me, pressed me against the wall, lifted one leg on her shoulder and began eagerly to lick me off.
I could not stand it any longer and began to moan, and the woman sat down on the sofa with bulging eyes and began to masturbate herself a little.
After 15 minutes, Natasha, as if nothing had happened, got up and turned to her aunt: – Everything? Or something else? –

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Thank you also to you! – after which she called us a taxi and in the meantime we dressed.
I glanced at Natasha, and she looked away to the side.
Already at the exit she gave us 150 hryvnia (as we had on our backs!), And wished good luck.
We left the entrance under which we were already waiting for a taxi.
The taxi driver joked that we were dressed very much like a woman, to which we stupidly froze.
All the way to me, we were in suspense – it seemed to us that it would never end, that they would bring us again somewhere.
But fortunately, when I saw the center, the stone from my heart was sleeping a little.
Then there is no point in telling.
My father’s skewed face, our eyes crying with happiness, a warm shower.
Endless explanations.
We admitted that we were simply robbed and “good people helped.”
But that only youngsters and Natasha and I know you fucked the little ones.
Of course, it was possible to find and punish these bitches, but I would not be able to look into their eyes a second time — I would definitely be stuck forever, although their faces still sometimes stand before me as if they were alive. Desi sex video online.

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