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Her buttocks and back were noticeably swollen, and her legs were just beginning to acquire a characteristic dark purple hue.
On the delicate skin of ugly blots, bruises were scattered interspersed with dried sperm.
Seeing her gorgeous body, I again felt a sweet itch in the lower abdomen, but now it was easier to endure.

Therefore, without paying attention to carnal desires, I decided to generously forgive her for the remainder of the punishment and prepare for evacuation.
But, untie the motionless body, I noticed that my blows had inflicted much more damage on her than I had thought.

This became especially clear when I generously doused it with water, intending to revive and at the same time cleanse the skin of dried blood and sperm.
Lena groaned loudly, stirred, and scarlet trickles leaked again from the skin cut-off sites.
Most of these places were on her ass, but two particularly cruel blows literally tore off the skin under the shoulder blades.
Belatedly regretting that there was nothing sleeping in the house, I untied her.

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Lena stayed half-forgotten, and only started from even the most accurate touches of her body.
Sprawling her completely naked on our double sofa, I, struggling with the devil’s temptation, smeared all the cuts with healing ointment, stopping the bleeding in a matter of minutes.
Then he dragged closer all her clothes, brought from the bathroom in advance, and began to wear them.
I had to suffer a lot, but in the end she was dressed almost completely, except for her leather jacket.
I threw her in my car, before this chained Lena handcuffed to the headboard.
“Maybe it will teach you not to climb other people’s cars,” I said in an instructive voice, returning to the bedroom.
Lena crouched on the floor, holding up a chained hand, and sobbed softly, trembling all over.
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