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And with these words, he from all over the mouth drove a member of the most eggs !!! What I felt ??? Pain.
Wild merciless degrading pain.
At first the sunbeams jumped in their eyes and then it was pitch dark.

After a moment, a harsh light hit me again on the pupils, tears flowed in a stream.
– Fucked up, fucked up, how awesome, I shouted supper.
– Yes, do not yell like that – he whispered in my ear – and then what else good neighbors run into your happy cries, twist your booty, do not be distracted.
I felt like his head was knocking me in a little red-footed cock, and the eggs were knocking on my eggs.
Bliss, that’s what it’s called.
I twisted and swept the booty, it was possible to easily combine different positions as the size of his member allowed it and I was not afraid to slip from it.
And when I stretched my hand between my legs and began to play with his eggs in the door lock, the key turned and someone entered the apartment, but for some reason it was all the same to me.
– Father, there was a male voice, are you again for yours? Again pidarasish? – You can join my son, you can help the new daughter-in from “Kati” to do a new one, one is good, but two is better.
Yes, do not be afraid of everything here by mutual agreement, and what Svetlana did not come? – Yes, the child is sick, his throat, all the children get sick.
Det continued me to fuck and I started playing with his eggs again.
– Hey tribe pidarastichesky, not familiar, you are true of their own accord, the second voice rumbled right in my ear.
– Yes, I barely audibly whispered.

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I heard the trousers and underpants being unfastened and removed.
Then someone sat down on the couch next to me, threw a leg over my head, and another egg hung in front of my nose.
My son had no less dimensions, he thought, and he began to lick and suck.
– You smack, smack, he said to me – come on, meet, take in your mouth and lift your eyes.
I looked up and saw a young boy of 30 years old, he smiled and said: “My name is Volodya, and you are Katya, our bitch, right? But I answered only with a tilt of my head as my cock filled my mouth.
Delicious brackish head, it was felt that he was somewhere else on the piste and the last drops fell into my mouth.
He began to stroke my head and his cock began to grow in my mouth and I tried to combine the sensations of the members in my ass and throat, shaking my head and twirling my booty.
And I heard how my grandfather began to breathe deeply and his eggs shrank and became just stone.
I understood he was going to finish.
I have become more diligent and more podmahivat increasing syncope and momentum priests.
Dear yelled.
AAAAAAAAY felt like a pulsating member fills my favorite ass with sperm.
as if pushing it out.
Det more and more pushed his dick into me and moaned swearing and yelling.
And then I almost choked, a jet of sperm from the fucking son poured my Adam’s apple, he grabbed my head and pressed it so that I almost broke my nose on his pubis.
I felt like sperm filling my throat.
Because of the size of the dick, I could not spit it out and I began to swallow.
– Yes, bitch, swallow, swallow, whisper Volodya.
And more and more he pushed his dick into my throat.
I could not help but move.
Fucked up
Det took his trunk out of my ass and lumps of sperm began to flow out of it and drip onto my legs and heels.
I knelt down and licked his dick.
God, as he moaned, his son joined, and I already licked two cocks that slowly weakened and calmed down.
Soon, he and his grandfather fell apart on the couch and chair, and I was lying on the floor and felt how the forces were leaving me.
– What fell apart, nefig, get dressed and get out, grumbled

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– Well, why are you so rude to Katenka, his father stood up, let him rest, come on, I wondered how I smashed him in the ass, even though I made the car. Erotic live chat.

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