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Not winter, the battery is cold, it will not fry.
– Hey, man, we will wake up! – He said and patted the boy on the cheek, flushed from the long lying.
In Denis, only his eyelashes faltered, but he was in no hurry to open his eyes.

“Okay, sleep, I’ll be right back,” the guy waved his hand and went out, not forgetting to close the door behind the small padlock.
– How did you get? – Boris Valentinovich asked him, making out purchases.
– Oh, beer, great! “Fine,” answered Andrei, lazily lounging in his chair.
– Everything is smooth, already boring.
No to chase what.
“It’s boring for him,” Boris grunted.
– Better than a disco with flashing lights! “You are right,” Andrei agreed.
– Splash me half a cup.
Boris opened a bottle of beer and poured it for two.
– Sleeping? Long something.
How much did you drive him? – Nonsense, another quarter of an hour from strength.
– Well, then it’s time daddy call.
– Call you, I am tired, I have no strength, – Andrei dismissed, taking a big sip.
“I’ll call you,” agreed Boris, not arguing.
– What would you do without me.
He pulled up his cell phone, put a handkerchief on it, folded four times.
Of course, if you want to be able to identify the voice, but we must try hard.
– Igor Nikolaevich? he began in a sweet voice.
– And we have a surprise.
Did you lose the boy? We found! We can return, even tomorrow.

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Only a quarter of a million dollars.
After listening to the answer, he expressively looked at Andrei, shook his head and whispered with his lips: “Outraged!” And already in the phone: – Do not argue! If there is no money tomorrow, the package maker will come to you the day after tomorrow! Little, just a little finger in it and fit.
But every day the size will increase.
Andrew smiled at the conversation, sipping his beer and crunching crisps.
– Igor Nikolaevich, is it really a lot? Some two hundred and fifty thousand.
Is it with your income? Do not make me laugh! In short, think.
In an hour I will call you back and talk with my son at the same time.
And then even think badly of us.
Bye Bye! – Simka pull out, – advised Andrew, when the conversation ended.
– And then they calculate.
Now this technique.
– Well, to hell with you, I’m trembling like a rabbit! – Boris answered, dismantling the phone.
– Go, check the small, as if

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not dead with a fright.
“Don’t die yourself,” Andrei put an empty glass on the table.
“You’re still alive for me.”
Yawning full-length, he rose and went upstairs, creaking steps.
– Eh, and changed the numbers? – Boris shouted after him, but without waiting for an answer, he cursed silently and reluctantly went to the garage.
Surely everyone has heard about such a service “FRIEND TO FRIEND”.
So at one moment I wanted to know what it is.
As a result, download the program and understand it.
I started a correspondence with one girl, her name was Eva, 22 years old, she was a lesbian, and I was attracted to her by placing my photo in a female form.
And after talking half a day.
by evening, an appointment was made.
Eva came by car, it was a pretty sexy brunette with a delicious body.
We had a bunch of topics for talking and everyone was pretty frank and after half an hour, Eve started the car and we drove out of the city. Family online sex.

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