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The whole day Kirill and I went to the “cleaning of the territory.”
The girls were spinning in the kitchen, occasionally driving me to the store for something missing.
When everything was ready, we moved to the bathhouse without waiting for the guest, since she had to arrive by the evening train and there was no point in wasting so much time.

Anya instructed her to grab a taxi right at the station and rush to us as soon as possible.
So, everyone was already sitting in the living room and feasting on food and naturals.
Tanya and I shared all kinds of delicacies from mouth to mouth and licked goodies from different parts of the body from each other, and Cyril and Anya, who were sitting opposite us, played out in general.
She was already sitting on his knees and their caresses, as usually were more likely to be like a struggle – who caresses who is not immediately clear.
Dodging Kirill’s lips and turning his whole body, Anya still tried to saddle his penis.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and.
Anya jumped off Kirill and rushed to open the door without even thinking about covering herself with something.
I was safely saved by the table, but the excited manhood of the son needed to be covered for the sake of decency, as he sat closest to the door.
Tanya moved in with him and, throwing a robe over herself, threw the edge of one floor over Cyril’s lap.
And just in time, because at that time, Anya dragged Alexandra by the arm through the living room down to the bathhouse.
Guest only had time to give us a friendly hand.
When the girls joined us, we, as if nothing had happened, continued to feast, blithely talking on various topics.
After a refreshing shower, Anya did not allow Alexandra to get dressed and brought her to us in her panties alone.
During those two years that we have not seen Sasha, she has become prettier, having turned, like our Anya, from an ordinary schoolgirl into a spectacular girl.

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A pretty round face expressed the wrong childlike spontaneity, but a certain languor and passion.
The slender neck, breasts are about the third size, the waist turning into long hips and the way she kept her posture, despite the fact that she was practically naked now, did not allow to doubt that this girl was aware of the impression she made on men.
Anya and Alexandra sat on the sofa with me, sitting her between us, and only now we officially greeted each other.
Raising a toast to the guest, we continued the holiday dinner.
Gradually, the jokes became more frank, laughter grew louder, and the relationship rather quickly crossed that face of awkwardness when a stranger appeared in the company.
It seemed there were no these two years and the girls just came from school and exchange impressions.
Gradually, the conversation

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began to be interrupted at first by fleeting, and then by more frank kisses and caresses.
At first, Alexander didn’t respond too actively to our caresses with Anya, watching with great interest how Tanya and Kirill (mother and son !!!), kissing passionately, caressing each other in all permitted and unauthorized places.
But then, apparently making sure that everything Anna had written about it to her realistically, and being sufficiently aroused, Alexandra turned to me and, wrapping her arms around my neck, dug into a long passionate kiss on my lips.
Anya, in the meantime, kissing her breasts, moved to the floor and apparently took up her friend’s panties, which was very helpful.
I myself most unbearably wanted to get there as soon as possible, but for now I could only be satisfied with Sasha’s passionate tongue and her delicious hemispheres of breasts with hard nipple cherries.
Soon I felt the timid touch of Alexandra’s fingers on my penis, which immediately turned into pleasant masturbation, depriving me of the last strength to hold back.
Cyril, in the meantime, pushed the now unnecessary table to the side and, sitting on the floor between Tanya’s spread legs, lips and tongue caressed her pussy.
My beloved squeezed her chest with one hand, and with the other she directed her son’s movements, looking into my eyes with love and passion.
Unable to wait any longer, I made a slight movement, pulling Sasha down, and she immediately, without hesitation, leaned toward my sufferer and took him into her little mouth.
Oh dear, how many forces I had to restrain in order not to pour out right away.
Trying to switch attention, I looked to Tanya, who was also inclined to Cyril’s penis, then to Anya, then again paid attention to Sasha, who was caressing me.
I didn’t even immediately notice that all three heads move not only in the same rhythm, but in exactly the same way. Free adult cam chat sites.

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