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Well, I did not find such a person whom I could believe, love.
As a rule, after several meetings I cool down, and it becomes difficult to continue the relationship.
In general, impermanence is my character trait.

I want to tell an incident that happened once with me, and after which I could not recover for a long time and it becomes embarrassing, even 3 years after what happened.
So in February there is such a good tradition as a meeting of former students.
So I found myself at such a meeting.
On the eve of a friend called a classmate who had not seen a hundred years, or rather since the end of school.
Where she found my number there, I don’t know.
I called and said that almost all of our boys and girls are going to visit classmates for a visit and to honor them with their attention.
Well, okay, I think, I’ll go, I’ll see, but I’ll show myself.
I didn’t become particularly dressed up, so trousers, blouse, seemed modest, but everything underlines my merits, but to show, believe me, is what.
Many former classmates actually arrived at the school, sat for a long time, talked. Free cam sex show.

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