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Rise! – An unfamiliar young voice rang out and Kolya saw a girl in a white robe walking along the beds.
Like most of the clinic staff, this girl was also very young – no more than 17 years old.
“Eleventh-grader” – Kohl thought, quickly estimating the difference in age.

The girl walked over to Colina’s bed and smiled at the boy affably.
Kohl could not tear his gaze from her.
Brown hair, collected in the back of a long tail, a serious look of huge gray eyes, childish plump red lips and the same child’s snub nose.
This probably should have been in eight years Lenka from Kolina class, in which the boy was secretly in love.
Well stared? – with a smile, Kolya asked an unfamiliar girl, and without any warning a sharp jerk pulled Kolino off the blanket. Free live chat with pornstars.

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