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Olya starts to move.
Rises and falls, rotates the hips, and now she is jumping on me reddened and beautiful.
She moans, falls on me, driving the penis to the base into the depth of her wet cave.

Rotates the hips, massaging my penis with contracted vaginal muscles.
I am at this time wrinkling her full breasts.
Tereblyu nipples, pulling them to the side.
Olya, having bit her lip, rushes about me.
Her passionate thighs hug my body hard.
Member, while moving penetrating to failure, massages the cervix.
Olya cums.
I can feel it from the convulsive contractions of the vagina, which tightly wrapped around my penis and the tension in my legs.
Olya moves on me, ending again and again.
I, in spite of the wild pleasure gained from this insane race, still did not finish.
Apparently the wine contributed.
“Well, you’re having fun here,” a bass male voice suddenly sounds.
Surprise, I shudder, raise a frightened look.
Above us stands a man of about thirty.
He is completely naked.
His huge member is in an excited fighting position.
– Well, do you like to fuck my lustful little wife? – rather claims, asks a man.
– Oleg, how much I asked you not to frighten people like that, – exclaims Olga.
– So after a person and impotent can be done.
“Don’t be afraid of him,” she says to me.
– He likes to watch how other men fuck me.
– Yes, and he would not mind to participate, – Oleg intervenes smiling.
“We have pockets around the whole room,” Olga continues.
– And Oleg is watching everything on the computer.
And then we watch these films together.
This is our family hobby.

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“Let’s fuck this bitch for a couple,” says Oleg.
– She likes it.
I watch how Olya pretty flustered.
“Go ahead,” I say.
– First, we will prepare her ass.
Where are our petroleum jelly? – he turns to Ole.
Olya takes a jar from the pocket of her dressing gown and gives it to Oleg.
Olya gets off with me, becomes a cancer.

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fascinated look at the picture that has opened.
Between her widely spaced legs, you can see a flat tummy, unusually exciting in this perspective.
A little higher expires juices red wide open slit vagina.
And even higher between the neat halves of the ass, the brown ring of the anus darkens.
Oleg opens a jar of Vaseline.
Gaining it on hand.
Brilliant greased finger massages the sphincter ring, penetrating shallowly inside.
Gradually, it increases the number of fingers and the depth of penetration.
Olya moans quietly.
Having prepared it in this way, Oleg lubricates his head with Vaseline.
He puts the penis to the slightly opened Olin anus, and gently pressing, immerses him in the girl’s rectum.
The head slips sphincter, the member plunges deeper.
Anus ringlet tightly wraps it around, showing my eyes an amazingly exciting picture.
Oleg begins to move and, in time with his movements, a tightly gripping member of the sphincter ringlet bends slightly outward or sinks inward.
The member is already free to go to Olya’s ass, plunging there to the very foundation.
Excited wheezes and sobs are heard from Olin’s throat.
With her whole body she is fed back, furiously leaning on the cock that was tearing at her.
“She likes to fuck in my ass,” Oleg smiles knowingly, looking at my reaction.
– And now let’s fuck her together.
She just this and need.
I’ll come from the bottom.
Try her cool ass.
He lays down on the carpet.
Olya gets her pussy on his cock sticking up.
I smear the head of a member of Vaseline.
The idea that now I will take this charming girl right in the ass gives my dick extra strength.
It swells, rushes into battle.
The head becomes huge, smooth and shiny.
I put her to the entrance to the anus, pushing it inside.
The head sinks slowly with difficulty, as the bottom of the girl’s vagina is occupied by a huge member of Oleg.
Finally, the head slips over the sphincter ring, and my cock sinks into the rectum that closely wraps around it.
Olya groans. Gay hidden cam sex videos.

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