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Imperial scientists studied there the process of formation of a new species of humanoids.
For reasons he doesn’t understand, the newborn Baby has chosen to be his companions several children from among the many inhabitants of the Galaxy.
The first evening inside the Kid was depressing, we with a still unfamiliar Lizonka pressed and fell asleep together.

On the second day, the erogenous zones were already searched, there are many of them in Lizonka.
Almost all of it is covered with soft, short, green fur.
She then had tiny upper breasts and barely developed undeveloped lower ones.
Both vaginas opened only at the age of twelve, but several clitoris and in childhood turned out to be delightfully sensitive.
The work was boring, we were preparing to fly to another galaxy.
To do this, trained on the unexamined outskirts of the Milky Way.
The kid made a short flight to an unknown area, set up lighthouses and connected with the Galactic Network.
The flight there lasted a minute, it took many hours, sometimes days, to fly back.
We lost contact and with great difficulty re-entered the Network.
Sex brightened up our life in constant flights from star to star.
It especially helps with the installation of lighthouses in intergalactic space, stars and planets do not exist there.
The road to the next galaxy is being laid for forty years and has not reached even halfway.
The fur around the upper papillae of Lisa fell out a few years ago and the tender pink skin was exposed.
This means loss of virginity.
The kid realized what he had done when Lizonka had a yellowed coat forming a strip on her forehead and a ring around the waist.
No male (male) of the Lys species can touch a female (female) with such signs.
They mean the status of a very beloved woman, but common children will never be born among us, the genetic codes are completely different.

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With the usual pleasure I brushed Lizonka and went to the meadow.
The dogs howled with delight when Lot and Lotus appeared from hyperspace.
They were another crew of the Kid, lived on the back side of the planetoid, and the three-meter Lot was my mistress.
Most of all she is like a garden scarecrow.
She has thin arms and legs, her body looks like a stick, and her head is on a pumpkin with painted eyes and a mouth.
The guys visited our side of the planetoid rarely, the normal gravity for them is half the size of the earth.
The dogs immediately dragged Lotus to show puppies,

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kittens, chickens, rabbits, and other pups.
All the animals from him thrived, and he from them.
Lot lay down on the grass, our weight pressed down on her.
I kissed the girl, not everyone will be able to, her mouth is twice as large as mine.
She was asexual creature, but she liked kissing! She also liked when I kissed, licked or sucked her tiny, no more than three centimeters, nipples.
On the crossbar between the shoulders of six beautiful papillae in a row are located.
Asexual Lot felt like a girl, her nipples called breasts, a tiny little bit more than two of my fists always covered her skirt, a pretty hair-like head always surrounded her hairless head and huge blue eyes with beautiful cilia always clapped.
Lizonka and I adored the girl.
The fanged Lisa does not know how to kiss, she gently licked her nipples and substituted her upper breasts to Lot.
A lot of tongues caressed them, the lower breasts swelled a lot, and I already caught them.
This time, the caress with Lot was short, a mocking voice rang out: “Have you completely forgotten about me?” I looked around, stood next to a strange earthly girl.
Emerald eyes looked beautiful on a pretty face.
Red curls framed him.
The small figure looked great.
Lot laughed, I realized what was happening and slapped a soft ass: – Lizka, you are charming in any outfit! She regained her green fur and snuggled.
– And I? – Another girl appeared in the meadow.
– Annie! – shouted all and rushed to hug.
It is difficult to explain to an uninformed reader who Ann was.
Kid’s intelligence is millions of times my own.
To communicate with us, he has several humanoid personalities.
Annie was a virtual model of the earth woman in the mind of the Kid.
But ethical principles do not allow Tiny to control her; she is a woman completely independent.
The first year she was our daughter, we were taught to talk, lounging at bedtime. Hidden camera caught nude.

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