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Her tears confused him.
He was not used to tears, probably never saw them at all.
“Well, Miss Anna, please calm down,” he spoke tenderly, marveling at himself.

– In the afternoon to you on a deck it is impossible in any way.
You simply do not represent all the danger.
These are uncrowned loons, gangsters, as you rightly noted, who are long.
have not seen women and.
One of your species awakens the beast in them.
He suddenly took her hand in his hand and shook it.
“But you,” she said faintly, “you’re not acting like a beast with me.”
“I am not them, miss,” he suddenly raised her face by the chin and looked into her eyes.
Then he quickly went out, locking the door.
At night, when she heard the key rattle at the door, Anna immediately with her head slipped under the covers.
Suddenly I felt that he was touching her shoulder.
“Miss Anna,” he said softly, leaning over the bed.
– Miss Anna, are you sleeping? – What do you want? She asked, slightly sticking her face out.
“If you like, I suggest we take a walk on the deck,” he replied, and immediately hurried to add: “Of course, if you don’t be disgusted, the walk in my company.”
– Yes, that is, no.
that is, yes, I agree, – she muttered confusedly.
– I am waiting for you outside the door.
Having dressed, she went out and they went up to the deck.
Wonderful cool starry night hung over the ship.
Anna stood by the side and leaned over, looking into the sea.
Surprisingly, the light waves were perfectly visible and the school of glowing fish following the ship.
– What a beauty! – Anna exclaimed with delight.
The captain was silent, only smiled with his lips.
Some sadness flashed in his eyes.
“Sir, may I ask you,” the girl suddenly said, and looked into his face.

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– Yes of course.
– Why are you – the captain of a pirate ship and.
not a pirate? “I am a pirate, miss, a real pirate,” he replied for some reason in a hoarse voice.
“But, then, why are you so different from yours?”
fellow? – All people are different, – he shrugged his shoulders, – I was lucky a little more.
With origin.
But I do not want this.
All this was so long ago and does not matter.
Since then, the captain has become every night takes her for a walk.
Anna eagerly awaited these hours, not giving herself a report to herself, which in fact awaits not a breath of fresh air, but a meeting with her strange pirate.
Duval more confused in his feelings.
From the very first.
The moment – old Jim was right – he felt a strange concern about the fate of this young lady.
Seeing the captive’s fiercely flashing, frightened black eyes, he seemed to have fallen under their spellbinding power and wanted to dissolve into them.
Often he furtively watched Anna.
Only her embarrassment returned the captain to the ground, and he, looking away, left the girl alone.
Standing at night on the deck, they more often simply remained silent, only occasionally talking on meaningless topics.
One day the captain entered the cabin with a worried look.
For some time he stood silently and looked out the window, as if trying to make out something in the endless smooth surface of the sea.
Then he coughed and said in a rather hoarse voice: “Miss Anna, I have been

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wondering for a long time whether you should know something, and decided to tell the truth.”
On the ship is ripening rebellion.
Oh, don’t be scared! Some of the crew says displeasedly that the captain.
he does not share prey with the team, – he grinned and again fell silent, looking for the right words.
– And what? – Anna looked at him with impatience.
– Why don’t you want to share? “Hmm,” he grinned and looked into her eyes, “the booty in question is you,” Duval lowered his head.
– I.
and you decide to share? – Anna asked in a fallen voice, without waiting for his answer, she got up, threw up her head, and said sharply: – Come on, I’m ready! He was taken aback and looked at her in surprise.
– What? What do you want to do? – asked, as if not believing in her decision.
– I.
– Anna squeezed her hands, – well, since you are threatened by a mutiny, better.
fulfill their requirements.
– Do not talk nonsense! – winced the captain.
– I did not want to offer this to you.
Nearest port in the week journey.
I’m afraid we won’t last a week.
Tomorrow I plan to go to the island for fresh water. Korean sex watch online.

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