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True? And I have no injuries.
Well, there are, but rarely.
– Ani just froze next to Yakko, almost not breathing with admiration, then turned around abruptly and hung on her neck.

Thank you !! – the lizard liked the proximity of this girl – and he already allowed her to behave more freely, he even took her into his paws.
It’s my pleasure.
“He took me in his arms.”
Oh, I look bad !! And oh.
This is a pangolin !! So what? ”- The princess’s thoughts were darting, but her hands were so warm.
And I still want jewelry! will you show?

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It’s deep night now.
– Yakko yawned loudly and smiled when I read the girl’s thoughts.
Tomorrow I’ll show you what I have.
Show everything? – She asked very quietly.
Is that all? AND.
How to do – show too? – It has already been said almost silently, buried in the chest.
Yakko, who was naked, licked Ani in the cheek and whispered in his ear.
– He carried the girl to the bed, laid her comfortably and lay down next to her.
She hesitantly pressed and snuffled, curled up.
They slept until morning, the lizard did not let go of the girl’s embrace and slept sweetly.
18 years – the best age in life! The world around us, not yet fully experienced, is so excited and tempting, and it seems that in future only the best will come! However, for young people, this age will be forever overshadowed by the beginning of the draft company, and the need to give a sacred debt to their native country.

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Like all the young men of my age, I did not want to pull the soldier’s shoulder strap, and a friend advised me a cool excuse: “You tell the Military Board that you are not allowed to serve convictions and you want to do alternative service.
There is no law on it in our country yet, and therefore they will simply let you go home! ”
I really liked the idea, I immediately calmed down and the next morning I calmly went to the draft board, in which I politely but insistently demanded alternative service, presenting my most sincere belief that it was a great sin to kill people.
What was my astonishment when instead of arguing with me or, as I had planned, to let me go home, I was really assigned to alternative service! Work as a nurse in the hospital.
The hospital was located on the outskirts, where the endless wastelands begin, where forgotten concrete slabs are piled up among the dug-out fields, and where endless towers of high-voltage lines are stretched.
I never would have thought that it would be distributed to this hospital, and even for two whole years! All people work day begins at nine in the morning and ends in the evening.
For my new job I had to arrive on the first bus – at six, and then stay on duty the whole day.
All the usual schedule of life immediately went downhill – dragging gurneys with heavy patients around the clock work in many ways worse than serving in the army.
Not surprisingly, it came up as an alternative! But I coped.
The young and strong organism was uneasy, and I still had time to rest and sleep.
Moreover, at that wonderful time, I was just finishing my puberty.
Naturally, even in the hospital, I looked at the women.
Among the sick girls there were few, mostly my attention was attracted by the hospital staff.
He was in a couple of pretty doctors, and even a few nurses.
However, talking with the doctors was out of the question – they were too serious, strict and completely inaccessible.
They treated me like some kind of cattle, slave or even worse.
It was very humiliating, because I was not guilty that fate had determined this role for me! Lesbian russian cam.

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