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But never once did she open her mouth and scream.
I have only once encountered such stamina.
During one hot party in our club, the girl also withstood fifty blows, not with a belt, but with a whip, worse, though, then, by prior arrangement, she still had to punish her with her own long and thin black strap, and from him she howled , like a wounded animal, after the first blows.

Since the transition from one instrument of punishment to another is always very painful, I pinned great hopes on the waiting rods.
The willow rods cut off a few hours ago were soaked in salt solution all the time and were all as picking — not very long, which made it possible to avoid overwhelming the hips and sides, slightly less than Stella’s finger at the base, and gradually tapering to the tip, almost perfectly smooth and smooth.

I gave the girl a few minutes to rest, choosing at this time the thickest and most straight rod.
I did not intend to spare her and intended to give her all three dozen strikes, making them as strong as possible.

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But before that, I ran my hand over her buttocks and thighs, causing another moan.
They were very hot and rough because of the skin that had lost its elasticity, and there was not a single unaffected place on them, except for the narrow depression between the two appetizing ovals of her ass.
There were no cuts, so I decided to start with a belt.
But the rods compared to him will be much more brutal.
– Well, let’s continue? – I asked in a semi-interrogative tone.
This time Stella was silent, and I, having intercepted the rod more comfortably, several times attached it to the girl’s buttocks which were immediately compressed.
Apparently, she could no longer control her reflexes and could not bring herself to relax, although, of course, she knew that muscle tension during spanking entails even more pain.
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