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The lady squeezed them tightly and twisted them out, looking at my reaction.
Pavel tightened his hold on me from behind, and she twisted harder and harder.
From the beginning, there were squeaks and an easy moan.

Then she howled a little and leaned forward, trying to alleviate the pain of her nipples under her fingers.
– I almost screamed and tears spilled from my eyes – It really hurts.
Pavel, standing behind me, arched his back on me, putting me forward and opening fully, in order to substitute the breast to the Lady.
What would be more convenient to torment my nipples.
I looked at them.
She unscrewed them almost 180 degrees and sipped at herself, glaring at her long nails right into the pink flesh of her nipple.
You like? She asked.
In response, I screamed something not intelligible, but it only added to the pain.
The question was repeated.
Yes I love! – I shouted and she let me go.
Hoping it’s over, I relaxed.
Pavel knocked me to the floor with his body.
Hands he lifted my legs and almost folded me in half.
It bends well – the lady noticed, bending over my crotch.
Her fingers began to feel me climbing inside my vagina and anus.
The bitch was wet well, she said, and with strength began to enter into the holes in turn, stretching them as far as their physical abilities allowed.
At a certain point, it hurt again, but it was more sensitive than the nipples that were still aching.
How long does it take? But restraining himself from cries, it remained only to whine, repeating the same word: It hurts.
And to answer the question: Do you love? Yes I love.
Everything calmed down in my feelings and Pavel let me go to lay on the floor, just sat down next to him, stroking my stomach, legs, chest.

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I no longer thought about shame, although this feeling did not leave

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More thought was that I agreed to all this.
But I interrupted them with my inner words – I love! Mrs. sat in the chair and looked at us naked, lying on the floor.
Ira – she began – Your body does not suit my slave, but since you love each other, I promise that you will become what he needs you! And mind you, I’m not doing this for my own pleasure! I, as you think, are just an old lecherous aunt.
I do this for my slave, because I love him.
– I answer, thanks for that.
Paul whispered in my ear: Thank you, O Lady.
I immediately repeated: Thank you, Madam! She smiled, looking at this scene: For now.
And so Ira, your body is too virginal.
Your breasts are too elastic, your vagina and anus are too narrow, your mouth is too inept.
All this we will fix.
I lay in the arms of my beloved listening to the plans of the Lady, who not childishly frightened me with their depravity.
I thought I had gotten to the fullest and now the road to the whore is provided for me, but Paul’s gentle look softened all my torments.
Chapter 3
The third look and love forever.
Three weeks have passed since the moment described earlier.
Now I have a lot of secrets from the surrounding.
I began to understand the behavior of Paul, which at the beginning was so intriguing and provocative.
Mrs. introduced many rules that determined my behavior and did not attract attention.
It was more difficult with my parents, who had to come up with reasons for my daily absence during the second watering of the day, but even this was decided to disguise as preparation for admission to college.
It was easier to study, but the first days were difficult.
Constant thoughts about the fact that I do not have underwear, were excited and very much.
Walking along the street all the time it seemed that someone could understand that at the bottom just stockings and a skirt, and the breath of the breeze can do its work and everyone will see what I now imagine from myself.
Shaved and smooth pubis, which every morning saw in the mirror, caused frankly fucking and dirty thoughts about the attitude to myself, but all conversations with the Mistress led to the fact that words such as whore and fucking did not cause me to reject did not perceive them as weakening.
Mrs. and Paul constantly used them, when discussing me and it became the norm.
It was a dirty-sweet self-awareness every time I left the house, and most importantly my perversion in this was manifested in the fact that it was not my decision. Live jasmin free video chat.

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