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Lera fell asleep.
She dreamed of Sergei.
Today he was unusually gentle.

His lips trembled, kissing his eyes.

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Hands simultaneously caressed hair, chest and crotch, gently pressing on the clitoris.
From these touches, Lera felt uneasy.
She spread her legs, and began to slowly move the pelvis.
Mishka pulled his hand out of Lera sport pants.
“Damn, there’s already a swamp, whatever you want, and I’ll sweat it,” he said to Valerka, and began to take off his pants.
Go for a walk.
And at that moment the light in the living room turned on.
Roman was lying next to Marina and did not pester her anymore.
He thought, where is Lera? His heart foreshadowed trouble.
He got up and went looking for a girl.
– What’s going on here? Roman asked.
-Turn off the light! Yelled Bear – Leave her.
She is Marinkin’s friend and she has a fiance.
I will not simply abandon her, Roman said firmly.
– The bride is not a wall, and you can move aside, Bear shouted again.
– Go away in a good way, Roman asked calmly.
– Yes, you see, she wants, she squeaks.
– I do not hear! Roman shouted again.
-Now you will hear, said Bear, threateningly, and jerked to the switch.
Roman hit him in the jaw.
He fell, turning the chair over.
Lera jumped up with fright, she had not slept for a long time, and heard almost the entire conversation.

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Natalia came out with Oleg, and Mishka immediately calmed down.
All again went to the kitchen, drinking world.
Lera huddled on the couch, legs tucked under her.
She kept pounding.
Now she thought differently: “Yes, man, that is necessary, and no matter how he is an alcoholic, why he stood up for me, went against friends, Sergey would never do that:”.
Roman entered the room, sat on the sofa and asked: “How are you, sister? While I am here, no one will hurt you.”
He moved closer to Lera, hugged her around the waist and kissed her forehead like a father.
After these words, she calmed down and fell soundly asleep.
Lera slept with a baby’s sleep, she dreamed of a grandmother, tightly hugging and hugging her granddaughter.
It was the first sign sent from above.
Roman opposite did not sleep.
He spent the rest of the night with his client, and could not understand that he was drawn to this girl.
Pity or love.
But he clearly understood one thing – she was not free.
Waking up in the same position, Lera understood.
She slept all night in the arms of Roman.
She was painfully ashamed that Marinkin might think her fiance and what Marinka would say if she saw them together.
With this thought, she jumped, put on her raincoat, and with the words: “Thank you bro,” she disappeared like a dream.
– What, the slut was walking up, Sergey snapped from the doorway – Clearly, the mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law does not believe in daughter-in-law, Lera answered with irony.
– From you rushing tobacco and alcohol, continued Sergei.
– Let me pass.
And she slid into the apartment like a mouse.
She wanted more to shower and bed.
Not having time to take off the panties, naked Sergei fell into the bath.
His cock reared up to his navel and looked threateningly at Leroux.
She had never seen him like this before.
The veins protruded outside, as if wrapped around the trunk, and the pink head with a purple tint was filled with blood to shine. Live nude girls movie cast.

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