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Even your mom.
-You’re right, she has completely clean pubis.
– You see, there is nothing to fear, put a towel under your ass and spread your legs wider.

I lay down comfortably, bent my knees and began to observe how white foam poured my crotch.
Sergey took the razor and gently ran across the pubis.
His movements were clear and pleasant.
In just a few movements, I lost my thick pubic hair.
Then he carefully smeared the entrance to the vagina and shaved me there.
It is time to ass.
I turned my back on him and knelt down.
Sergey wiped the hollow between the buttocks with a towel and applied the gel.
A couple of minutes and the procedure is over.
I could not believe my eyes, my pussy became completely snow-white and clean.
Now I will always shave her, despite my mother.
I relaxed and lay down on the bed, but felt a sharp discomfort.
I wanted to cheer.
I told Sergey that I wanted to pee and asked where the toilet was.
“You can do it in the bathroom, let’s go, I’ll take you,” he said.
We went to the bathroom and went into it together.
“Do not be shy, pisya, I’ll just take a look,” said Sergey.
I did not know what to do or how.
The only thing I thought of was to sit on the edge of the bath, deeply expose the ass and let the stream of fluid out of me.
Sergey is excited, in his pants seemed to have grown count.
I wanted to wash up, but he came up to me, spread his legs and tongue peeled drops of urine on my pussy.
Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed.
I asked to undress him and show me my tool.
He immediately did it, and a real male member appeared to my eyes.

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He was not as big as my father’s, but he stuck out equally menacing.
I immediately wanted to take it in my mouth, as my mother does.
I squatted down and quietly ran my hand over him, then I kissed him and finally took it in my mouth.
Sergey said: “Suck.”
And I started to suck, I sucked him as I could, especially the head of the penis.
After a few minutes, I felt something sputter in my mouth.
It was a sperm.
For the first time in my life I tried it to taste and immediately swallowed everything Sergei had shot.
He took a member out of my mouth and we jumped into bed.
Sergey began to gently stroke my body.
I was very pleased.
He ran his hand across his chest, gently squeezing it, squeezed my nipples and pressed his mouth to them.
What I did with his dick, he began to do with my breasts.
The nipples immediately began to swell, he sucked evenly, then one part of the breast, then another.
At the same time, he parted my legs with his hands and began to stroke the pussy, emphasizing the clitoris.
The feelings of bliss gradually filled me, it became more and more pleasant to me, I began to actively release grease.
Sergei noticed this and sent his fingers into the vagina, he introduced them very deeply, that I even experienced severe pain.
I squeezed my hips and screamed.
My hymen was no longer there, and blood poured from the pussy.
I was a little upset, and we stopped caressing.
I knew

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that after losing my virginity I couldn’t have sex for several days.
Without asking anything, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.
I wanted to quickly wash off the blood from my snow-white pussy.
Opening the water, I climbed into the bathroom and took a washcloth.
I rubbed it with fragrant soap, I began to lather thoroughly.
At this moment Sergey came, his member hung like a sausage, and was much smaller than before.
“I came to sign, open your mouth,” he said.
– Do you want to write in my mouth? – I asked in surprise.
– Of course, and where else.
-I won’t drink your urine, you’re just a pervert! -You like it, the more you can share it in my mouth too.
-Are you sure? -Ofcourse honey.
I threw a washcloth and took Sergey’s depressed member in her mouth.
A warm yellow jet hit my throat, I almost choked, but then I got used to it.
I firmly wrapped my lips around my dick so as not to shed a bit and quenched my thirst. Live sex chat free indian.

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