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This Neuman pushed the model control key.
Roman Yakovlevich approached the doll, looked at her petrified face with delicate features.
Insanely incredible beautiful girl.

Such people are rare among people.
And for some reason he was seized with anger and lust.
Anger because Mila was not his creation, and he is not yet able to create anything like that.
And the desire arose from the fact that no matter how it was there, he owned this high-tech bitch, and could do anything with it.
Even put under a bandyugan, at least, promise him this sweetness.
Neuman could not understand what had happened to him, but at that moment he really wanted Mila very much – he really wanted to use the feminine robot once again.
Neuman turned on the technical mode button.
Mila opened her bottomless blue eyes.
But now her eyes expressed nothing but the expectations of the team.
Roman Yakovlevich with a sharp movement pulled the girl out of the chair and at the same second tore off her robe from Mila, thereby exposing a slender, appetizing figure.
Artificial girl did not even twitch, not to make an attempt to resist the rough treatment of her body.
Panties on the girl was not.
That “facilitated” the task to Neuman.
Knocking the doll on its back, he roughly entered it.
The girl just twitched, gazing indifferently looking at the owner.
With every push, Neumann seemed to have driven Mila into a chair.
She naturally did not resist, at these moments, realizing that the owner wants, her perfect body became supple and even soft.
Roman Yakovlevich continued to attract the pupa to himself, clutching his hands in the elastic buttocks of the girl, trying to penetrate as deep as possible.
The process proceeded smoothly and tightly.
To be continued.

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– I was hurt – Victoria admitted a little offended, when Alex, having received his share of pleasure, finally left the young body in peace and pleased to sprawl beside him.
The “princess” of the underworld, no longer embarrassed by her beautiful nudity, sat down and looked at the small red spots with surprise, which for an ordinary girl served as confirmation of the integrity and transformation into a woman.
In her case, it all looked so natural, that again it was hard to believe in Victoria Ivanovna’s artificial origin.
– You should not be hurt, because you are not a man.
– Alex said, admiring the slim silhouette.
Although of course few people have such beautiful proportions.
An ideal body, subtle, flexible,

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but still with forms, dark skin and already loose long hair, seemed to demonstrate how natural female beauty should be attractive.
– I was created in such a way as to fully comply with a living person.
This applies to both the external side and the internal receptors – not without pride, said Viktoria Ivanovna, casting a passing glance at the blue eyes of her recent lover.
– That is, to feel everything that a person can feel? – I feel the feelings that are in my program – no longer turning my voice over Vika – But you are so different people that my program must adapt to your behavior in order for me to be natural in your community.
– In order not to cause any suspicion in your artificial origin – summed up Alex.
The girl did not deign to answer.
But Telegin didn’t need him – the models of Dr. Shevchenko had practically the same properties and skillfully adapted to the existence in the world of people.
So much so that it never occurred to anyone to doubt that a new world had appeared next to them – a world of charming and sexy dolls.
But the fact that Victoria Ivanovna was created by his teacher, Alex for some reason doubted.
Not because he did not know earlier about its existence, there were no distinctive signs inherent in Sergey Anatolyevich’s androids.
For example, the firm “tattoo”, and the activation button behind the ear was missing.
Alex has already managed to check this when, during sex with a dolly, he caressed a fluffy dark head.
Most likely such a button existed, but clearly in the wrong place.
She could not only be controlled from the console.
Not knowing their true origins.
This one was originally aware of who she is.
But on the other hand, who besides Shevchenko could create such a flawless fembot? Maybe he came up with a completely new model and did not say anything to Alex? Live sex video 2020.

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