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“My husband, my beloved husband is waiting for me at home, and I, as the last slut, show my charms to this dirty primate.
“But thoughts did not help her to come to her senses, but only brought even more.
Gabriella no longer wanted to go home to her husband, did not want his caress and tenderness.

She wanted this scarecrow guard to grab her right now and tear her to every place she could.
Why did he hesitate just to watch her ruin herself with violent thirst? – Come on.
– began to whisper Gabriella.
– Punish me, I want to correct my behavior.
These words tore the bull off the chain.
The guard rushed at the girl like a piece of meat.
He grabbed her in his arms and threw her on the table in one motion, scattering all the documents around and not even kissing.
Although Gabrielle didn’t care about that now.

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She urgently needed to be fucked as hard as possible to calm the fire that was raging inside her.
The man unbuttoned his fly and, without even bothering to lower his pants, pulled out his thick, though not very long member, and then folded his panties to the side.
Gabriella groaned in anticipation, watching him from below.
Hot red head rubbed on her clitoris, after which the member itself with a sweep entered her womb and began to move frantically.
The girl screamed with pleasure, finally feeling inside this primitive man.
At that moment she was disgusted by herself and him.
She allowed some other man to plant her dick in her.
Oh, how excited it was! “Yes, please, fuck me harder,” the boss moaned under her subordinate, to which he continued to tear it from the inside with a growl.

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Gabriella simply squeezed into the table, enjoyed how she was fucked with monstrous force.
She desperately squeezed the walls of the vagina to get enough even more sensations from a member who frantically pecked her.
The girl felt like a dirty slut, and she liked it.
Here, the guard, apparently tired of the monotony, and he jerked turned his female on the stomach, to settle down to her from behind and take possession of the animal.
– Like, when they humiliate you, baby? He growled, thrusting his stake at her, to which Gabriella moaned sweetly.
– You so love to humiliate your subordinates, each of us would like to fuck you like that!
Livejasmin littlebitchy.

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