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Then the girl hoped that maybe the chimpanzees themselves during the game will carry the virus? Or distracted from her, and there, already at large, she would think of something! But the animals had other plans.
Apparently, they wanted to take revenge on people for all the mockeries they had been subjected to for many years: a chimpanzee samochka simply and unexpectedly injected Gabriella’s prick in the ass, which was sticking out of her prodding skirt.
The girl screamed with surprise and horror of what is happening.

Chimpanzees just made her the object of her own research.
– No no! What have you done ?! She cried, twitching all over.
Satisfied monkeys let the girl go.
They just did with her everything that the girl had done with them for 3 years, sticking injections and observing their condition.

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But Gabriella was no longer up to them.
In the wildest horror, she jumped to her feet and rushed into her office, where she locked herself up to the castle, leaving the monkeys to continue to run amok in the laboratory assistant.
– What did they do to me? – the girl fell on her knees and looked at her shaking hands.
It seems everything was in order.
Shivering beat her only from the horror of the experience, and not from the action of the creepy and incomprehensible virus.
After all, Gabriella did not really figure out what kind of breed she brought out.
From a panic, she began to cry.
– I will die.
I do not want to die.
– she whispered in a hysterical voice, although, at the moment, she felt fine.
– Madame, are you all right? Came the voice of that uncouth guard behind the door.
– I heard screams!

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Gabriella herself had already scolded this guard with all his terrible words, because he had not reacted to her screams earlier.
But suddenly, she wanted so much consolation that the girl wiped away tears, straightened her white robe and got up to open the door.
“Wow,” the man only exhaled, whose face for Gabriella was blurry due to the lack of glasses.
“Did you go to the macaques alone?” “Chimps, they are chimps,” Gabriella corrected him with a little sob.
– Well, why are you so? Could call me with you.
– scratched his head guard.
His courageous and strong hand began to attract the girl’s gaze just as her magnificent chest, penetrating through her blouse, pulled the guard down.
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