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Somewhere far offendedly hysterically sounded Tanka, her mother screamed even further, flew the taste of the day before yesterday’s cold borscht.
Theta was suddenly frightened, like a girl before the loss of virginity, although, in due time, Tanka did it quite calmly, albeit with disgust.
Even more, Theta was frightened by this fright and, hurrying and confusing, tugging at the zippers and fasteners, finally broke out of her clothes.

Svetik bent, with a soft movement she threw off her panties, looked at her again incomprehensibly.
Svetik, small, dark, narrow-hipped, like a boy, with a small chest and huge dark nipples on her, a tattoo of an omnipresent blue dragon on his thigh, and a dark snake of hair on his shaved pubis.
Theta is silver-white, in several places almost gone pinkish traces from the whip, full-breasted, green eyes lit up again.
Just two steps to the instantly extended sofa.
So what is next? Sit down and hug? Kiss? Lie down But Svetik has already rushed to her back.
She bit her shoulder a little, pressed, and her hands went on a journey through the body.
Something pressed, somewhere stroked or pinched, then painfully twisting nipples, gently pulling.
Theta remembered the Boss, his hands did something similar to her, but there was a huge difference.
The owner turned it on like a complicated car, pressed the right buttons, evaluated the instrument readings, instantly switched modes, achieved the results he needed.
His hands were skillful, tough, all-knowing, but they were the hands of a master, they demanded, but did not call.
Svetik slid over the body like a snake and called for her.

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Her every movement left a dying wave in the depth of her body, but Svetik did not let them die out completely.
Followed a new slip, tingling, touch.
The waves merged, intertwined, flowed into one another, beat inside and already noticeably demanded an answer.
Theta tried to turn to Svetik, hug her, but she abruptly threw off her hands and, continuing her slide, turned out to be face to face – black and green very close – Svetik’s big nipples and little Teta joined and both suddenly bent out and two convulsive sighs – into one .
And already Theta threw off Svetik’s hands, hugged, squeezed, and dark, clasping white-silver also with her legs, threw herself on the sofa, stopped moving, and only in her body there was a beat and it, still, continued to slide and roll.
They lay without moving, and each listened to herself, talked to her body, asked and promised.
But Svetik bent again, slipped out of her embrace easily, and now not only her hands, but also her lips set off to study Theta’s body.
Only it lasted very long.
Theta did not even have time to feel anything, but the dark one had already flown over, threw Teta’s hands behind her head and sat on her chest, burnt with hot moisture.
She got up on her knees, moved closer, and Theta gasped when she saw the hot pink over her face, and the beauty of the open woman struck her so much.
Bright pink in the middle and dark at the edges, protruding brilliant tubercle, a large dark mole on the right lip and a gold ring pierced the left, dark snake of short hair.
Theta has never seen a vagina so closely, and even in all the magnificence of desire and anticipation.
In a second, thoughts flashed that maybe she carries the same beauty in herself and that she was a fool when she gave this beauty not as a gift to her beloved (there was no loved one, what can you do), not in the most wonderful game of two, not even for money, but as a small change, for any nonsense.
But all thoughts were gone when Svetik pressed herself

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to Theta’s lips, crushing and opening her mouth.
Theta did not even have time to think what’s next, and her language already understood everything.
It just dripped along the pink, like a stream, sinking into hollows and rising to elevations, somewhere poured out, somewhere shrank into a trickle, getting where it should be. Livejasmin premium account hack 2016.

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