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bought another one, white ones, also lacquer with open toes and also on centimeters of twelve hairpins.
Before the slave’s car, I brought all the packages with shoes myself and put them in the trunk, then sat in the back seat.
After some time, they drove up to a small, but beautiful two-story house, surrounded by a high fence.

Opening the gate remotely, the mashita entered the courtyard, the gate closed.
“Get out,” the Mistress ordered, turning off the engine.
The slave came out and saw a large shed in a corner of the courtyard, and next to her was a dog, a German shepherd dog, but rather a large one.
The dog saw the hostess began to wag his tail and whine.
– What is Lord, smelled bitch? – said the Lady, going up to the dog and patting him on the head, – I see, I see that you want to fuck her.
Yes, for a long time you have not fucked bitches.
Undress the bitch, take off everything, just leave the ballet flats, and put your clothes on the ground and stand on them with cancer, so that later you won’t put dust on yourself in the house.
“It’s good that the Lady has a dog, not a bitch.
Although now there is a bitch, I ”: the girl thought and felt how her panties began to get wet.
Slave girl took off her shirt and laid it on the ground, then jeans and put them next to the shirt.
She took off her panties and threw them near.
She got up with cancer, hands on jeans, knees on a T-shirt.
“Come on Lord, fuck the bitch,” said Mistress, and undid the chain from the dog’s collar.
A male ran up to her and immediately jumped on the bitch, having thrust a member at once into her pussy, which entered easily, thanks to the lubrication of the girl, which is already enough.
And he began vigorously fucking her.
Bitch began to moan.
“And he has a member in principle of the same size as Nord.
This is good, will not break me.
But fucks furiously “: thought the girl.
And the dog continued to fuck her faster and faster, hammering his cock into the bitch and began to growl.

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“If only I did not bite”: flashed through the girl’s head, having fun.
But then the dog growled louder and began to finish in the depths of the girl.
When all the sperm was pumped from a member of the dog into the bitch’s hole, the dog pulled the member out and went to the booth and began to lick his farm.
The girl almost cried, seeing the Lord for a really long time did not fuck anyone, since she had finished so quickly, but she had not finished.
She continued to stand with cancer, feeling how his sperm began to flow out of her hole and began to drip onto her T-shirt.
– What is a bitch, not finished? – with a grin asked Mrs.
“Yes, Madam, I didn’t finish,” the slave replied, looking with a pitiful look at her mistress.
“Get used to it,” said Mrs., walking up to the bitch, who was still standing with cancer, “I was drunk, whether you finished or not.”
You are here for me to enjoy, not you.
Mrs. raised her leg and held a shoe, which the slave licked yesterday, slave on the pussy, thereby collecting sperm on the toe.
– Lick! – ordered the hostess, putting her foot on the ground next to the slave.
Slave hung her head and began to lick.
“An obedient bitch,” said the Lady, when everything was licked off from the shoe, “Okay, that’s enough.”
I thought you are doing everything well today, I am pretty.
Therefore, as a reward for the good service of my mistress, I allow my bitch to finish, juggle my pussy! I give five minutes, do not have time to finish, it’s my own fault.
Time has gone! The slave quickly sat down on her T-shirt, spread her legs and fingers of her left hand began to frantically rub the clitoris, and with two fingers began to fuck herself in the vagina.
And when the fingers entered the gap, then gradually squeezed the remnants of sperm.
And Mrs. with a grin looked, then at the clock.
then on her.
And so, biting her lip, so as not to scream, finished.
I pulled out my fingers and licked them.
“Well done bitch, got it done,” Mrs. praised her

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, “On a good rubbing up, so that she didn’t smack in the house,” and kicked the slave pants, “And if you slander, you will punish and then wash the floor with your tongue.”
Standing wipe! Slave took thongs, stood up.
Spreading her legs a little and crouching, she began to wipe her cunt.
Mrs. at this time went into the garage.
A minute later, she returned with a small canister, kicked the slave in a pile of clothes, doused them with something from the canister and set it on fire.
“She doesn’t need her anymore,” said the Lady, “As you finish wiping, you will throw your pants into the fire.”
Slave running her hand over her pussy and legs, making sure that she was clean and threw panties into the fire. Lyalyax bongacams.

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