Masters of sex free online season 1.

Masters of sex free online season 1.
We train you, supply our strategy and policy, and you implement it in your homeland.
– Do you want me to start organizing underground erotic massages in Russia? Pie winced: – Georg, do not invent.
This is a completely legal business.

Yes, one of the directions will be the massage rooms, which you observed, but no more.
Of course, we will have to tinker with this segment on the spot, I don’t hide it, but the financial prospects are so huge that we are ready to take a deliberate risk.
So you think.
The percentage will be discussed later.
Georgy listened to all this, and had already made a decision before the share finished: – Okay, dear Pie, I agree.
But for a start, I think it’s worth learning your secrets.
Pai’s eyes glittered with pleasure: – You made a good decision, Georg.
It remains only to resolve the issue of conducting the remaining internship period here in Phuket.
On this occasion, for some reason Georg did not worry, and when the internship team leader gave George the choice to go further with the group to Vietnam, or to stay, George wished to continue his internship in Thailand. Masters of sex free online season 1.

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