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Only over time, she will have a burden in the form of a pair of children.
But you don’t care about this – the main thing is that you feel good! So? – she pointedly looked at me.
She is.

The girl with whom we met three hours ago in a bar.
And now, after a glorious pastime, she accused me of all mortal sins.

In those who have committed, and in those who have not even had time.
– All of you are dorks and traitors! – Yes, what happened? Answer it! – I could not resist.
– Nothing special.
– She pressed her knees to her chest and, covered with blond hair, hid her face.
I heard a short sob, then she wiped her eyes with her palm and turned to me.
“It’s just that you are all cheating: your father is your mother, and mine is mine, and you are cheating on your own girlfriend.”
This is the trend.
And nothing you can do with it! “Did you find your father one day with another?” – Something like that.
– She was silent for a while.
– You know who I am? – The question turned out to be too unpredictable and sharp.
– Uhh.

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Of course, you are Lena.
We met on.
– I did not have time to finish.
– No.
What I do? – It was clear to my eyes that, apart from her name, I don’t know a damn thing about her.
– Okay.
In general, I am a prostitute.
– Her straightforwardness stunned me.
– Do not be surprised you so.
– In principle, what is surprising here: on the contrary, it explained all her talents in bed – experience.
– And I pereklinivaet every time after one incident.
I prepared to listen.
I have never had a chance to communicate with whores before, and here a girl is no more than twenty years old, quite beautiful, and she also tells about her own life.
Sin is not to listen.
– It happened two years ago.
I was eighteen.
I came to study in a big city.
History department.
At school, I did a good job with dates, I thought it would work out here.
Masters of sex season 1 episode 1 free online.

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