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He saw Lena and Olga! Most of the flight I overslept.
Waking up, just before landing, I noticed that Sasha and Julia were still talking and flirting with each other.
The villa was 30 minutes from the airport, and the sun was scorching when we arrived.

Throwing bags, we quickly changed into beach suits, and my father and uncle Gena gathered for football.
The villa had five large bedrooms – one for Sasha and me, the second for the twins, the third for Olga and Lena, the fourth for

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my parents and the fifth for Lucy and Gena.
In addition to the bedrooms, there was a large swimming pool, jacuzzi and plenty of sun beds.
When I went down to the pool, the women were already in bathing suits.
Aunt Lena looked great.
Short hair revealed a graceful neck and a smooth body, according to which it was impossible to recognize her age.
Stunning breasts were tightly covered with a small red bikini.
Long legs glistened with tanning cream.
Next to her lay almost the same sexy daughter Olga in a white bikini.
We lain under the sun, occasionally refreshing in the pool or jacuzzi for about two hours.
Then Julia and Zhenya gathered in the city for shopping.
Mom and Aunt Lucy decided to join them.

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“Mom, do not forget to grab a beer,” I said half-jokingly, hoping that his mother would bring it.
“Oh, okay: I think nothing will happen to you from a couple of beers,” she replied, heading for home.
We stayed with two sexy angels – Olga and Lena.
Mom and daughter with gorgeous bodies.
The four of us chatted and Lena asked Sasha and me about her girlfriends.
Having exchanged glances, we laughed together.
“Well, right now we have no girlfriends,” said Sasha.
“Yes, right now,” I added, “we prefer mature women!” Sasha laughed at this and Lena swallowed the bait.
“What do you mean by mature women?” she asked, leaning on her elbows and looking at us.
Breast sticking out and nipples clearly show through the stretched fabric.
“Well, uh: we had experience with mature women,” I replied, “only don’t tell your mom!” “Mature women, ha!” , grinned aunt, “how mature? How is Olga?” “Well: no, about your age, aunt” The answer took her by surprise and made Olga sit down too.
“Seriously!?” cousinously asked the cousin, “women of the same age as your mothers! Where did you meet them?” Sasha gave me an uncertain look and I had to take the initiative on myself.
“In fact, we had some wonderful moments with mature women.
Some very beautiful women even agreed to pose for us for the camera, “I said, holding in my hands a favorite toy digital camera.
“True, none of them looked as stunning as the two of you!” Aunt Lena laughed involuntarily.
Olga too.
And I took the opportunity to take a picture of them both.
“so you think we’re attractive?” Olga asked.
“I would not say that you are attractive,” answered Sasha, “you are gorgeous!” “Exactly, I would like to take some pictures of you in these swimsuits,” I added, plucking up my courage. Naked girl live video.

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