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And the Sparrow is going.
And then I suddenly grew bolder, no wonder they say – gray hair to the head, demon to the ribs.
By the way, I never had a beard.

Come on, I say, Tamara Nikolaevna, I’ll give you a lift.
And getting to her house is really not close, perhaps an hour and a half, perhaps.
She hesitated a little.
But she agreed.
Thanks, says, Gennady Vasilyevich.
On the way, I stopped, bought a coy – something, and hid it in a bag.
We arrived.
And do not we drink, I say, Tamarochka, some coffee? Just at that moment suffered.
For some reason, she looked at her watch, sighed, and invited her to her place.
This means that Sparrows in the kitchen brew coffee, and I take out what I bought from the package.
And I bought 3 roses – small Riga roses, burgundy and very neat.
And here she comes with a tray.
– This is for you, Tamarochka – I say – and I stretch the roses.
She set the tray, took the roses, and again for some reason sighed.
She brought a liter jar of water from the kitchen, and placed the roses there.
We sit, drink coffee – almost family.
I decided to joke, I quote: Having gotten up from a pillow of cream, Do not overshoot in order, Threw, brother, Her beauty chrysanthemum is Ethiopian.
Sparrow looks – puzzled so.
Did substitution in the third line noticed? -It Galich, I say, Tamarochka.
She already broke out all.
This does not say “Galich” at all, I don’t keep surrogates at home, it’s a natural Arabiko.
And excuse me, for the sake of God, Gennady Vasilyevich, but isn’t it time for you to go home? Well, I think Sparrow takes care, wants me to go home before my wife arrives.
– Nothing, I say, I still have one and a half hours.
– And I, she says no.
I must come to me now, Gennady Vasilyevich, and I would not want to be found here.

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– Who, I ask, will come? (Idiot! Idiot! What is my dog’s business, who will come ?!) Tamara flared up again, although she has not yet moved away from the past.
– It doesn’t matter, he says, you don’t know him almost.
You, an old man says, must understand – I am a young, healthy woman: Well, such a thing – they ask you to leave, so you have to leave.
I gathered quickly, said goodbye, and on the way out.
Already I drove away from the house, I looked in a mirror – Valik approaches the entrance, our goods expert, has recently been working.
Indeed, I almost do not know him, our wife is mainly engaged in staff, I have already said.
I went.
Yes, I think – I received an unequivocal offer – shove, Gennady Vasilyevich, your own flowers in your ass.
And okay, gladioli, and then – roses.
With roses – this, of course, bust.
Well, okay, will be the old fool science.
A little family did not throw, where the hell.
He also decided to give flowers to young girls.
Dryer for shoes would be better presented:
It all started when I was looking for work.
, the crisis began and from the previous job (where I worked as a manager) I was reduced, the accumulated money was running

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out and I urgently needed to look for a source of income.
Browsing the Internet vacancies came across an ad: “Requires an attractive girl with a slender figure at least 170cm tall for the position of assistant manager in a large company.
Work experience is not required.
Pay high premium.
“I’m coming up with the requirements, I thought.
Why not try? I am a young (twenty-five years old) sexy brunette with a third breast size.
Very often, men just devour me with their eyes imagining how to fuck in different poses.
I phoned and made an appointment.
The interview of the candidates was conducted personally by the chief (a middle-aged representative man in an expensive suit).
When he saw me, he said, “Mmm, I see that you approach us. Thank you Marina, do you want to work as my assistant?” -Yes, you sometimes have to perform in addition to normal office work some services of an intimate nature.
Are you ready for this? After thinking for a few seconds, I answered yes.
I love sex.
The experience is not so big but I learned many delights of sex at the institute.
Not to say that it is very depraved, but sometimes I meet for sex at once.
– Then take off your clothes. I was a little embarrassed and started to undress.
She took off her dress left in underwear.
-Show me the chest.
She took off her bra.
-And now the panties took off her panties. New indian hidden cam sex.

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