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Now Nikolai was in a very dense cocoon, in which he could not even move, especially since he was lying on his stomach, and his hands were firmly tied behind his back.
In this position, he became even clearer to feel inside the cork, probably from the fact that she pressed on the prostate, adding to his sensations.
Marina sat down next to Nicholas on the bed, ran her hand over his back covered with film.

She caught herself thinking that his helplessness excites her even more.
Then she asked: “Well, is it ready for trials?” – the answer was an affirmative nod of Nicholas.
“Only first I will tease you a little” – with these words she got out of bed and took a vibrator from the table.
Then, sitting on the bed so that Nicholas saw what she would do, she unbuttoned the bottom of his cat-suit and slightly loosened the straps of her panties just enough so that a vibrator could fit under them. Nude male cam.

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