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But why Kate, not me? – Because she is Sashkin’s sister.
– And yourself? – Because I found Vitalik, together with him – Katya, and then – rapists.
– Okay, okay, – promised Alenka.

– Then I will have fun in my own way.
She, clattering her heels, came to a spot of light right before the bastards’ eyes.
Imagine how they felt! Directly in front of them stands a stunned leggy blonde on a high heel, in super short shorts and a shirt tied over a navel in a bundle, and their asses are now deprived of virginity! I put on a strapon and went to Bulat and pulled off his pants.
Of all the trio, it was he who most of all wanted revenge.
Not because he was the most cruel – no.
He betrayed me.
I opened to him, presented myself, and he so ineptly took advantage of it.
Squeezing out a tube of grease on the dildak, I put the end to the ass of his recent lover.
He squeaked and fidgeted anxiously.
Late! Before you had to think! Grabbing comfortably around the waist of the guy, I began to crush the artificial member, pushing his anus.
He no longer squeaked, but yelled so that it could be heard even through the gag! On the side of me, two more voices were added to the shouter – it was Katia with Kristinka who began to process Oleg and Rustam.
The howl of three voices seemed to serve as a command for Alenka, who, slowly dancing to the audible music only for her, began to undress.
First she untied the knot of her shirt, spreading the sides to the side, and curling her shoulders, shaking her breasts.
I, with force, drove a dildak into Bulat, putting in every blow all the anger, all the rage, all the hurt that had accumulated in me over the past night. On the basis of sex watch online.

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