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The operator shouted to us – Now fuck your mother whore.
I laid my mother on my back and she introduced my dick into her warm and moist vagina, which smelled of her juice and urine, I was all stupefied by these smells once drove my stallion to the very uterus and began to tear up this bitch, my chest touched her Tits, and from this her nipples became stone, and pleasantly rubbed, my chest, my mother screamed – Yes.
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fuck my damn mother, from these words my dick became even bigger and the mother’s vagina completely wrapped his arms around it, from that I only accelerated the rhythm.
After a ten minute race, my mother finished under me two more times, without mentally swearing at all from the buzz and pleasure – Ebi fucking my own mother, with my fuck, fucking, I will cum.
The girl operator said that I would pick up my damn mother and I had her standing up, I raised my mom, and she gave me a fucking blow at my every thrust forward, and felt her vagina squeeze my dick, I violently poured my seed into her cunt, pulling my dick out of the mother’s vagina, from there flowed my seed and her juices.
My mother knelt down and began to lick my cowboy, after a 5-minute pause, he took up combat readiness again, and the operator told me, and now you have to fuck her dry in the ass, from these words my mother screamed – No, we don’t agreed, no, only not there, lubricate at least my chocolate ring for me – but I did not hear it anymore I put it on the bed with cancer, while she screamed – No.
-, I picked up my sausage and immediately sharply drove my dick into her ass, as she screamed and roared, praying for me and the operator to stop it, but I did not listen to her, but only tore her ass, and squeezed her soft Titechki, getting no earthly pleasure.
After about ten minutes, her tears and op went into sighs of pleasure, and I began to accelerate the rhythm while continuing to tear her asshole, and then I felt a wave of orgasm roll on me and I richly impregnated my sperm in the ass, pulling out the penis, I saw blood in mixed with sperm from her priests, the operator ordered me to lick it all up and swallow, which I gladly did when I felt the cocktail was very tasty !!! After that, we merged into a French kiss, and began to gather home, where we continued our love affairs.

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Instead of the preface.
Good day to all who read this story.
For a long time I have been a devoted reader of this resource, which I consider to be one of the best.
Now I want to make a feasible contribution to its content.
This is my first experience in this field, so please treat with understanding.
Although of course criticism, as well as just comments on the essence of the written, of course, welcome.
The events and personalities present in the story are fictional, any coincidences with reality are random.
– – There is nothing worse than sitting alone at home when rain pours out of the window, and the only comforters are a faintly lit candle and a half-empty bottle of Mulgore strong.
It is doubly worse when there is nowhere to go – all friends and, more importantly, girlfriends who can brighten up loneliness have

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disappeared somewhere, leaving only a feeling of melancholy, increasing day by day.
At times it seemed to me that past life, full of vagrancy, odd jobs and hard drinking, was far better pastime for someone like me.
Then, suddenly, some distant aunt died, which I saw briefly.
A little paperwork, a bit of study, and I, a 25-year-old tramp, become the owner of a pharmacy and home in one person.
I begin to hear in my address not “well, get out of here!”, But “Mr. Dirre, make me a tincture for.
And gradually I am drawn into the swamp called “decent life”.
Having drunk from a mug of wine, I grimaced.
The fog was thickening in my head, but the clouds were not in a hurry to crawl away.
I was distracted from knocking at the door, which echoed through the empty house, from my thoughts.
“Who the hell is there,” I thought, “the shop is closed, but I do not expect guests.”
A knock repeated, louder this time, and through the sound of rain, I heard a thin girlish voice saying “open, please.”
In the name of Adria. Sometimes I cursed the day when I hung up the sign of the goddess of hospitality over my house.
It seems that people are more willing to go shopping, but at the same time there are moments when every rabble confuses the hospitality of the owner with his tolerance for beggars.
On the other hand, sometimes it can bring exciting adventures.
Especially when the guest is a person who does not know anyone and is not wanted by anyone. Online free hot sex.

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