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And I hope someday such a day will come when in the evening your wife will say “today you were the perfect henpecked, you didn’t sin a single time.”
It seems to me that this will be the happiest day of my life and life itself after that will become happy and meaningful – to serve my Woman!

Here the case itself reminded me that in nature there is such a thing as incest.
Incestual relations between adult relatives and sexual relations with minor children should be distinguished.
It doesn’t matter whether they are their children or strangers.
In the latter case, this is unacceptable and is punishable by law as the seduction of minors.
If incest with an adult relative does not bring to marriage and does not entail pregnancy, then such sexual relations in Russia are legal.
By the way, de jure, your mother-in-law is not considered to be your relative, as many people think, including your wife: But the relationship between a minor son, daughter and mother is the most important thing in life.
Taking into account the variety of possible reactions to incest, it can be considered that the sexual relations of a son or daughter with their own mother do not inevitably lead to a regression or disintegration of the person being subject to torture.
While in relation to the sexual relationship of a daughter and father, this is not said, and the revealed relationships are regarded as the sexual abuse of a minor child.
This is a fact of life and the attitudes of society, which need to adhere to and restrain their ardent sexual desires. Online sex dating websites.

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