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Nastya, Lena, Oksana, – the girls introduced themselves.
What class are you in? – with a smile asked Vera Andreevna, – In the tenth or eleventh? In the tenth, – answered Oksana.
Probably it is better to immediately name the salary, the head doctor decided and called the amount.

Wow! – broke out from Nastya.
From the contented smiles of all three, it was obvious that they liked the named sum very much.
Now let’s talk about the clinic, – continued Vera Andreevna, – Before I tell you about our specialization and methods of treatment, I want to warn you right away that we are doing quite delicate things.
Not to mention that not everyone can afford our treatment.
– the head doctor made a significant pause, – You have to imagine who our patients are – the children of very rich and influential people. Property sex audrey royal online.

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