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Previously, there was no evidence, only doubts, but often she refused him sex, referring to headaches and fatigue.
However, in her wardrobe, a lot of new sexy underwear appeared, and stockings were increasingly replacing pantyhose, and she put them on the work and parties, not in the marital bed.
The member in his right hand tensed to the maximum from such news.

As if in a dream, obeying the lustful desire to be satisfied with himself, he went to the dresser where his underwear was no longer his pious spouse, opened the drawer and ran his hand at random, pulled out pink lace panties, wrapped them in his penis and ran them along it a couple of times, literally several movements, and a member in his hand twitched and poured the panties of his unfaithful wife.
The eggs whined nicely, and a pleasant shiver ran down my legs.
The phone rang again, this time the number was clearly identified as “Favorite”.
Tanya called: – Dear, we will have an inspector from the head office for the night, his wallet was stolen in a restaurant, can you imagine what a bad luck? You do not mind? You can not throw a man, right? Anton licked instantly dried lips and whispered: – Yes, of course, dear.
– Great! she shouted into the pipe.
– You are so good and understanding, tidy up a little there and take care of dinner, in a restaurant, you imagine, there was absolutely nothing to eat.
We will be in about forty minutes.
The connection was broken again.
Here is the news, the wife was going to drag the guy who threw the video to him in the house, as Tanya sucked him, and maybe not only sucked. Real hidden cam new sex video.

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