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In general, my husband got sick, then I have menstruation, then neither the days, then my husband is tired, my head or stomach will ache.
In short – my son is already 10 years old and I still get pregnant.
My husband was looking for reasons in me and I in him.

We argued for a long time, until I decided to examine these specialists in this field.
after talking with her friends at work, it was decided that I would go to the center of family planning.
At the first time, they took many tests from me, did an internal examination, and said that at first glance everything was in order, I needed to wait for the results of the tests.
It was a lot of people by appointment and it was necessary to wait for more than a week, since I couldn’t wait and it was very interesting to my husband, I agreed with a specialist from a private clinic for money and he himself went to a consultation and decided everything on the second day.
I will not go into details, but I had everything in perfect order and the doctor advised me to bring my husband to be examined.
After telling about the bo to all her husband, he grimaced and flatly stated that he had everything in order and he didn’t need any tests.
I was upset and came on the appointed day alone without a spouse.
The doctor saw my indignation and understood everything, and after listening to me, calmed me with words, saying that many men refuse to do this kind of examination and say that it is

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wrong, but not fatal.
And they say I like him like a man and he will help me: After a long conversation, I realized that he really didn’t care.
He suggested that I, on the appointed day, early in the morning have sex with my husband and, without hesitating, referring to anything, came to him at the reception.

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On the appointed day, I did everything as he said, came to the reception.
He was in no one in the office and, having introduced me, said that it was his assistant, honey sister Marina, I also introduced myself and calmed down a bit in a gynecological chair.
what they did there I didn’t see but they were probably digging in me for about five minutes.
maybe this time so stretched.
After this humiliating and unpleasant procedure, they asked me to get dressed and wait in the waiting room.
After some time I was called to another office with a lot of different devices and a couch for the patient.
The doctor confidently stated that everything is in order, that her husband’s spermatozoa are very mobile and we have every chance of getting pregnant.
But! But for a better chance of having sex less often and only when the doctor says.
I was embarrassed and did not really understand what exactly he had in mind.
To which the doctor smiled and said that I should calm down that only at the time of maturation of the eggs should one come to this office and with the help of a special device in the form of a phallus with a built-in video camera at the end, consider the best maturation and the surest day for conception.
I will omit all the details – but within two years I came to his office every month and every day until full maturity as if to my home in the same way.
At the first reception, I decided not to wear panties, I thought it would be faster and even more so it was summer, it was hot.
Coming out of the office, I immediately remembered about the pants that I did not wear, because the lubricant turned out to be so much that when walking it flowed like a pinned down tube.
I will not describe my feelings and how I drove home in public transport.
I didn’t even feel such shame even for the first time at a gynecologist’s man’s appointment.
In general, for two years I went to the doctor as a lady.
Greeting immediately took off her panties with legs spread was for the order of the doctor.
For the first one and a half years, I even started to like this unpleasant proddur, more than once I left the office red like cancer and excited at the limit, and coming to the husband on the right day pounced on him like a tigress (apparently abstinence and a kind of frank nudism in front of the doctor began to critically glow our relationship with my husband).
But when the end began to come, the second year, both my husband and I had already lost all hope, because, along with nervous breakdown and fatigue, there were not even a small waste in material terms. Sex arab hidden camera.

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