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The young man sat in the empty seat, and Sonia sat down on his knees.
The bus started to move.
The Vladimir Central played loudly.

To the right of the young couple were two guys with beer cans in their hand.
On the left – a dense build an elderly woman.
Everyone was silent.
The cabin was very crowded.
Sonya, sitting on the young man’s lap, felt terrible pressure below.
She tried to distract herself mentally, counting up to a hundred, then up to a thousand, but this did not help much.
Mentally, she tried to compare the way to the house, with the unpleasant feeling that she felt at that moment, trying to figure out whether she had enough strength and patience.
– Is there anyone on the way out? – asked the driver.
“At the next stop,” a voice came from behind.
– Good.
Sonya moved closer to Sasha.
– Inconvenient?

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he asked quietly.
– Sash, and if you go up to you: when should you leave? she asked carefully.
Out of boredom, everyone in the cabin began to listen to the conversation of a young couple.
– After three stops.
– Let us come to you for a while, don’t you mind? Only then you put me on a taxi, okay? – Come on, okay – Sasha, who didn’t know at that moment what discomfort his girlfriend felt, responded without any back thoughts.
Michael Circle suddenly changed the group “Golden Ring” Passed, years passed, but we are not old Unloved are sitting tired Spring is happy, but how many colors in it Under the old willow flows, a stream Sonya already almost crying begged to quickly get to the bus stop .

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The stream flows, the stream runs And I am a draw, and you are nobody The stream flows, a stream runs And I am a draw, and you are a nobody.
Sonya Nadezhda Kadysheva aggravated the already difficult situation.
“With such songs right now, God forbid, run the stream.
After this, Sasha will be ashamed to look at the eyes, “the girl thought to herself.
– On the next exit? – appealingly, she asked him in his ear, after the aunt on the left vacated the place and got out of the minibus.
– Yes.
– Thank God! I want to use the toilet so much, you just can’t imagine! But, as Sonya could not physically understand Sasha in those moments when, after a long walk with her, she felt discomfort in her groin, so he, without feeling such a strong need at that moment, could not understand her feelings.
And the girl, being educated and civilized, did not show so clearly and did not scream about how uncomfortable she was.
– On the way out? – asked the driver, approaching the desired stop.
– There is!!! – louder than usual, Sonya literally screamed.
They even turned on her.
– We go soon, until a terrible thing happens to me! – Suddenly abruptly turned to the young man Sonia, grabbed him by the elbow and they quickly went to his house, – I thought we would never come! Young lovers walked from stop to home.
From the side they looked beautiful.
Future historians, educated people.
Beautiful, young girl, nice, young man.
Cultural, intelligent – they stood out noticeably against the evening local Aborigines.
Five years they will study at the university.
What future awaits them ahead? What life will live? Will they retain their relationship, or will they disperse like ships at sea and find another pair for themselves? Sex shop online be.

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