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It all started with the fact that having lived in a marriage for 13 years, I suddenly realized that I was not getting the former joy of sex games in bed.
I loved my wife, as before, took care of her.
I’m not sick of her company.

We spent weekends and holidays together, went to visit, went on vacation.
But over time, sex with her ceased to be necessary.
I had quite enough of her kiss at night.
This problem was aggravated by the fact that she was still craving hot embraces and love marathons.
Reflections about this brought me to the hospital.
Visiting doctors, I was reassured that all my organs are working properly.
testosterone levels are normal, the prostate is without signs of pathology, the eggs are full of live sperm.
But something was wrong.
I decided that I was too used to my wife, and she ceased to excite me as a woman.
For verification, I spun a little affair at work.
Flirting a couple of weeks with a suitable young lady, I was allowed to her body.
It may seem strange, but sex did not bring the desired effect.
This desire did not come, although I had no problems enough for two “sticks”.
I was just mechanically moving in the body of a woman, trying to understand what was missing for me.
The young lady was quite pleased with our meeting, hinting that I can always use her services to take a break from my wife.

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I decided that all this – fatigue.
Overworked, spun.
Hence the problem.
However, when, after a month of rest in the country house with my friends, fresh air, daily walks and bathing, I still did not want sex – I was just puzzled.
My wife also began to notice that I had diminished my former passion.
Having procured advertisements from the girlfriends, she bought a mountain of vitamin supplements, wish boosters, some powders, bottles, and herbs at the pharmacy.
I conscientiously swallowed this filth under her vigilant eye, until she decided that the money she spends on these miracle funds could be used to buy winter boots, hats, gloves and a dozen other equally useful things.
Then our frank conversation took place, which, one can say, and anticipated all further events.
My wife told me “by big secret” that some of her friends are massaging their prostate husbands, which improves men’s health, erection, and increases pleasure.
And she offers today to try this wonderful recipe.
You never know.
try – so try.
I visited the toilet for purification of the “working space” and we started.
I lay on my back, legs apart.
His wife, armed with

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a rubber fingertip, smeared it with petroleum jelly and began to actively develop an opening for access to the prostate.
With the rules of using the anus, we were well acquainted.
I often enough, at least until recently, let my young man take a walk in his wife’s ass, so that without the danger of pregnancy I would be discharged into her.
In my case, her finger was much thinner than my penis.
Therefore, after a few seconds, her naughty finger has already examined the walls of the rectum.
This unexpected invasion had the most magical effect on my young man.
He thought a little, raised his head, started, and stood up in all its glory.
Wife, admiringly assessing the results of their own work, immediately sat on him, stretching his lips to the side so that the hairs did not get inside. Sex toys online canada.

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