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And the toilets are located “face” to the entrance and the very first one is naturally perfectly visible when the entrance door from the common washbasin opens.
If a bitch went to the last in a row, then she opened a sight to all the pissing girls, which is called “close-up.”
And the rumble at peak hours was such that it was audible even in the next room.

My girlfriends quickly got used to such liberties and calmly in the common room pulled up tights and stockings, corrected the make-up at the mirror and gossiped as if the guys were not at all close by.
Of course, they tried not to sit in a prominent place from the door, but the break was small and the queue of people who wanted to pee was little pleasure, so the most shameless of us quietly lifted up her skirts, lowered her panties and wrote right at the door, although she always opened to the common room.
Of course, when repairing, no one took into account that there would be three times more girls than boys and, therefore, our toilet almost always had a queue, while the men’s room was often idle free. Sex webcam am.

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