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What example am I giving my son? What was I just thinking about? And what conclusions will he draw? I have always been an exemplary mother.
But the eyelids were heavy, and I fell into a heavy, bad dream.
It was a nightmare, sheer insanity.

I dreamed of how I, all so light, airy and weightless, literally glowing from the inside.
The very modesty and chastity.
Fragrance and enjoy life.
I am on a light-flooded area, from which the steps lead down.
I do not know why, but I began to descend the stairs and the lower I went down, the darker and darker it became.
I went down lower and lower.
the light was fading away, and shadows were gathering around me.
The darkness was becoming almost tangible.
There was a barely perceptible movement of some silhouettes.
One by one flashed lights, similar to the eyes of some animals.
Predatory and greedy eyes literally pierced through me.
I felt these views with my whole body.
The feeling was unbearable, but I only quickened my step, hoping to go through this section as soon as possible.
But instead of disappearing – the views began to take the form of bodies, massive, pumped male bodies.
They were getting closer and closer to me.
I literally felt their breath.
Hot, almost burning breath.
Fear gradually disappeared, replacing curiosity.
I went on.
The bodies gradually approached and hung over me.
One after another, I felt their touch.
First, light and beckoning to play.
Later touches became more confident and stronger.
In the darkness, the sensations sharpened and the silhouettes in the darkness seemed increasingly attractive.

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Gradually, my hands reached out to my clothes, grabbed her, pulled harder and harder and finally began to tear it straight at me.
I realized that this was no longer a game and rushed forward, realizing that I was in danger.
But after running a dozen more steps of the hands it became more and more, I could not move.
All the clothes were torn and there was practically nothing on me.
I tried to break out of these networks, but as is usually the case – it only got tangled more.
These creatures began to caress me, tearing the last shreds of clothing.
I tried to scream, but I couldn’t move.
Only now I began to realize the hopelessness of my position when it was too late.
Their strong hands massaged my whole body, touched all my erogenous zones.
I felt tender kisses all over my body.

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Laski became tougher and more confident, and kisses gradually turned into light bites.
With the force of spreading my legs, they began to lick me, deeply sticking long tongues.
I could no longer resist, the forces left me long ago, like all other emotions.
Only excitement pounded in my head, spreading pleasant heat throughout the body with each blow.
I felt their fingers in my wet pussy and absolutely did not want to break free from the tenacious embrace of a pleasant nightmare.
I was enveloped in darkness, lust and debauchery.
I was starting to moan and squirm.
There is no way back, nor will there be.
Yes, I absolutely did not want to back.
And then I woke up from the sharp smell of sweat.
Max was standing over me.
The blanket slipped away from me, and I lay in a bed of rags only in one nightie, apparently I was fidgeting in a dream because of this nightmare.
There was a slight perspiration on her forehead, and between her legs there was a pleasant excitement after erotic sleep.
– Maxim, what are you doing ?! And generally what time is it ?! I screamed in surprise.
– Just the first hour.
I thought you were feeling bad.
Are you okay? “Of course, how are you?” – Well, you moaned, and sweat hail across your face.
– Just a bad dream.
And home is hot.
Go sleep.
But he was clearly not going to leave.
He was still in the same position.
– Go to the shower and go to sleep, I’m fine.
He grinned and leaned all over me, crushing my hands.
– What are you doing?! You are crazy?! Maksim! Sexefantasia s bio and free webcam.

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