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Galaktyane never commit their obligations.
– Will you show me the palace? – leaned Leila.
“I myself have never been

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there, there was no time at all, I saved the Earth from the Imperial aggressor,” I boasted and showed the recordings of the landing of robots on the destroyer.

“Look at the palace, as much as you want, but bear in mind that it is not easy to seduce Mark,” Lizonka smiled, “there are no secrets in our Network, half-wildly earthly Tanya is even jealous of alien women, and even more so for earthly women.
But you’re to some extent an alien.
Then figure it out! Leila shrugged her shoulders, and we entered the palace of a multimillionaire, who for a lot of money donated his island to aliens.
He certainly did not know that we are from the Galaxy, a solid company recommended him to us.
– A terrible poverty of design, an incredible mix of styles.
Jackie Myson has no artistic taste at all.
No wonder he doesn’t show his palace to reporters, ”Leila was indignant.
– Our robots have recently built a new base on Earth, I designed the design.
If you kiss me, your sponges are not at all swollen from Lizonkin’s caresses, then I will call a helicopter.
Or you call your flying saucer.
“Lison can’t kiss at all, her teeth are incredibly sharp, so the guy isn’t healed,” I laughed and kissed Leila with pleasure, “but you don’t need to call a flying saucer.”
I am a flying saucer, or rather my computer.
A ghostly silhouette came out of me.
The virtual computer body politely kissed the woman’s pen.
– Your computers are so gallant? – Leila was amazed.
“Computers can do a lot of things, humanoids often underestimate us,” my computer whispered philosophically and boasted, “Mark and I have been in touch since his birth.”

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In fact, I am a virtual Mark, all his feelings in me are recorded and realized.
The brightest Knight of robots, I also feel myself.
Few computers have the capabilities of an interstellar, but I can take you anywhere in the Reserve.
Tell the coordinates! I can report that the new Imperial science base was not in the Himalayas, the most seismically active region of the Earth.
There were no old bases there either.
The legends of Shambhala are the purest quackery.
Our probe by the name of Djinn scanned the Earth in the most thorough way, there was not a single base in the mountains.
– And the depth? – the computer was offended, – I know how to move underground! We found ourselves inside an amazing room, stylized by ancient Egyptian motifs.
I was stunned by the primitive beauty and expressed my admiration to Leila.
She flushed from pleasure.
Epilogue Adventures on Earth, we no longer had.
I did not want to wander around megalopolises.
We perceive the closed premises very poorly, it is much more pleasant to live in natural conditions.
In addition, Leila’s records recorded in detail man-made miracles.
Lizonka took away the animals: kenguryat, monkeys, bears, squid: catchers who are from hyperspace have never been taken away from their mother.
Galactic chips just born cubs immediately inserted, otherwise they would not be able to adapt to life on the planetoid.
With plants it was easier, the seeds were bought.
Especially for beaver Goshi, I purchased several varieties of delicious carrots.
The kid stopped our earthly safari when Little Elephant Baby wanted.
– Lizka, Baby is not rubber! Physical laws do not allow our flying saucers to be more than thirty meters in diameter, said Annie angrily, “he agreed to lead us to the other end of the galaxy just because the young ones are bored.
You yourself will get half a year! The weather in the hyperspace turned out to be perfect, for eight hours the Kid brought our company to the green star.
The hardest times for humanoids came, the animals had to be fed, raised, to arrange polar zones for penguins and white bear cubs.
Robotenki helped us very well.
They were kids themselves and entertained the animals with great pleasure.
They all grew up, but as soon as the humanoids were slightly breathed, sensible whelps began to hatch.
The kid broke away from the study of Earth history and again visited the planetoid, there are no prettier creatures in the Galaxy! Lizonka he captured an elephant and two calves.
Almost immediately, three round heads popped out of the generic bag Lots and began to chat. Sexy indian on webcam.

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