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Now her stomach has shrunk a little.
If, before leaving, she looked even more than nine months pregnant, now she could be given about eight.
Every day to go through the attacks was more difficult and more difficult.

Her stomach twisted in pain, as if something was being eaten from the inside, and at the same time, waves of euphoria began to roll.
Her breasts swelled and filled with milk, the clitoris constantly throbbed, and the desire to shove a male organ into her wax-closed canal, or at least her own fingers, was unbearable.
At the same time, the warrior never took his gaze away from her, which, as it was not a shame for her to admit it, caused a small tremor in her body.
She mentally called herself a slut, despising and hating this feeling, which with every day it was hard and hard to fight.

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Here and now, they were sitting in front of a fire, but the queen still had a chill.
She felt like a new attack began, and wrapped her cloak more tightly, but that did not save her.
The food fried on a fire for her remained untouched.
The warrior, strangely enough, did not eat anything.
She bit her lip, trying to hold out a cry that was torn at will.
Her hands covered her stomach, which was compressed in convulsions, it’s good that the cloak hid this action and she squeezed more than her thigh, feeling itching where there should be a male organ.
The woman hated what Prince Dacon did to her.
He was not just a monster, but Satan himself.
The queen realized that he tortured women not with torture, but with the sin of pleasure, forcing them to sell their soul for it.

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He killed the king, his father, raped his mother and sister, and even knocked them out, while making them enjoy it.
And now in his hands was the most precious thing for her – her daughter.
She trembled again, and threw her head back, unable to hide this attack.
The monster’s shadow covered her, and she looked at him through the fog.
– I am forbidden to break through the barrier and enter your channel, female.
But permission has been given to feed on your milk, and feed you with your seed, so that you can endure this journey and not be burdened ahead of time.
His words faintly penetrated her tormented brain, but she clearly realized that moment when he sharply opened her cloak.
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