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You have a delicious ass! – Maria went to Larisa, and grabbed her by the soft spot, after which, the girls laughed again.
– Safronov, still like, loves young girls, you can try to pass him a test, not only with the help of knowledge! – Yeah, here’s another

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! Sleep with a teacher for the sake of grades.
I will never leave this before! – Larisa said.

– And what, you can! You don’t have a boyfriend! – Well, I do not! – Larisa took off all the extra clothes, opened the window to ventilate the apartment.
Outside the window was warm, almost summer weather.
– Especially, I’m already a good student! – Yes, I’m just like that! When was the last time you slept with a man? – Maria asked, sitting down on the sofa.
Larisa did not answer, but only smiled shyly.
“You’ve been separated from your boyfriend for a month and a half!” You need to relax at least once! And then you’re all in school, but in the work! – Well, now I have plenty of time for this! – Seriously! I care about your privacy! Therefore, today we will go to the boys! – Which boys? – I did not understand Larissa.
– Oh, well, today comes Gleb from Germany.
Well, we agreed to meet with his friend Artyom, his apartment is free, so you understand! Gleb and I will need to retire somewhere, and Artem is a good boy, you will like him! Have fun with him! – You have not forgotten! I have an interview today in a fashion magazine! I spent so much time on this, I can’t go anywhere today! I need to be there in two hours! – So two hours, you just have time! Immediately take with you everything you need, and go for an interview immediately from there! – Maria went to Larisa, put her hands on her shoulders.

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– Well, please, Lara, for my sake! The girl could not resist such a request, and agreed.
– Oh well! Just sit with you, but I still have nothing to do, for now! – Oh, Lariska thank you! – Girlfriends happily embraced.
– Only I do not know what to wear! – Sad girl.
At that moment, the doorbell rang, the friends looked at her guardedly.
Larisa went to open, because this was the apartment of her parents, who left for a couple of days, leaving her alone.
Opening the door, the girl saw a hefty bouquet of flowers, and above him the face of a young guy she knew! It was Dima, the guy who ran after her from the very beginning of his studies at the institute.
– Hello! Last time you never said what your favorite is, so I bought a lot of things! – Says Dmitry.
The girl portrayed the joy and took the flowers.
– Thank! “I thought maybe we could go somewhere today?” – as if by chance, asked a young man.
– Wow, today I can not! – the girl said, smelling the flowers.
Then maybe tomorrow? – Did not calm down the guy.
– Or the day after tomorrow? – Well, maybe the day after tomorrow! Maria came to the door.
– So, who is there with you? – She was curious.
Larissa at first tried to prevent her from seeing who had come to her, but Maria still wedged between the door and Larisa.
– Oh hi! – She greeted the guy.
– Hello! – he said.
– Well, so how? – He turned again to Larisa.
– In short, okay, the day after tomorrow I can! – Said the girl, just to get rid of the uninvited guest.
– Well! – rejoiced guy.
– Then I will call you! Day after tomorrow! – Come on! – The girl said a little lazily, but then she made a sexy look and looked the guy straight in the eyes.
– And thanks for the flowers! – Yes, not at all! I can still.
– Dima did not have time to finish, as Larisa had already closed the door.
– Hmm, okay, bye! – The guy, sadly, trudged along the corridor.
Larisa went to the kitchen, put flowers in a vase.
– Who was that? – Maria asked.
– Yes, so, do not pay attention! Top indian nude models.

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