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Everything healed in about a week and a half.
I felt amazingly beautiful, and the desire to show my neutered crotch to pretty girls was constantly bursting at me from the inside.
One evening I decided.

What was going on inside of me with excitement – beyond words, I just trembled with excitement.
I went to the well-known massage salon-sauna on Freedom Street, where I had been to it more than once.
I called and arranged that I would spend time in the bathroom with two girls, and within an hour I had them with a tail.
A bell at the door, then I go down the semi-dark staircase, where the administrator greets me — a sweet young lady with gray eyes and a pleasant smile — and leads me into the guest room.
I am waiting.
At the very hands of almost shaking with joy.
Between the legs I feel emptiness and pleasant languor.
Several girls in peignoirs and sandals come in.
It is impossible to say that they were all beautiful, but for me it was not fundamental.
I chose two prettier ones, paid off with the administrator and went with the girls to the so-called Blue Room with a very large bathroom.
The girls lazily walked in front of me, their beautiful buttocks swaying from side to side.
The semidark pleasant atmosphere and the warmth poured in the air relaxed.
The room was a long massage table, playing mystical music, on the right was a partially filled square bath, similar to a mini-pool.
Brought tea, I took off my clothes.
We met, the girls were called Natasha and Ira, probably invented names, but they followed them.
One was older, about twenty-eight, a short-haired blonde with soft sagging breasts and a big ass, the other with reddish shoulder-length hair and small neat breasts.
They took off their peignuars and shoes, completely exposed.
At first, I was thirsty to pull off my jeans right there, standing in front of them, but then I squeezed and decided to show them everything in the bath.

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They went to her, stepped over the border and entered the water.
Natasha turned on the shower.
“Well, go,” Ira told me.
Inside me, everything turned over with excitement.
I smiled, took off my shirt, pulled off my jersey and jeans, then my socks, and stayed in my shorts.
In my head rang fanfare, accompanying my imminent exposure.
I exulted.
Music was playing, the girls stood in the bathroom and looked at me, I took hold of the elastic of panties and slowly pulled them off, exposing the place of castration.
My bruises quivered with excitement, poured with blood.
“Wow,” Ira whispered, looking at my crotch in shock. “Fuck you can,” Natasha gasped, not taking her eyes off the rest of her cock.
I went to the edge of the bath, my pod proudly stuck out.
He climbed inside, approached the girls, who did not take their amazed eyes from me.
“What happened to you?” – could not resist Natasha.
I did not want to say that I had accumulated myself, it was unromantic, and therefore I limited myself to the phrase “Yes, it happened, do not pay attention.”
Ira giggled.
– Wow, do not pay attention.
You’re a eunuch – and then she fell silent and carefully looked at me if I would not be offended.
But I was happy to hear that! They both stood red and, not knowing what to do, stroked my body.
– And how will we caress you? – asked Natasha and Ira assented.
– So caress him right.
I got under the hot jets of the soul, feeling blissfully how the water flows through the body.
At first the girls just stroked me from above, then they grew bolder.
Natasha squeezed a portion of liquid soap into her palm from a bottle hanging on the wall and began to rub it between my legs.
I groaned with pleasure.
God, I dreamed about it! Her hot palm caressed my stumps, her fingers stroking the spot where the testicles used to be.
I was shaking, my legs were weakened by weakness.
Another palm joined one palm, and now we stood under hot streams, tightly embracing the three of us, and I caressed their vulvochki, kissed their necks eagerly, and they washed me and massaged my neutered tail.
The girls, of course, were shocked, but quickly settled.
When I asked if they had such clients like me, Ira, giggling, replied that only one big-bellied uncle came, his scrotum was empty, only a member remained, and he even managed to somehow end up, squeezing out a drop of liquid.
They were very interested in who loosened my personal belongings to me and what I feel now, because I am not a man anymore, and I came up with a legend that my ex-girlfriend from jealousy did it to me.
This story with my girlfriend is extremely excited! I licked their tender genitals with my tongue and felt a salty

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