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Having risen to the third floor, Olga hesitantly knocked on the door of the head physician.
Olga Sergeyevna? – a pretty, fair-haired woman of about thirty-five smiled broadly at the door.
Yeah, it’s me, – Olga smiled in response.

Vera Andreevna, – the woman introduced herself, – the Chief Physician.
Olga followed the head doctor into the office and sat down in a chair.
Having devoted a couple of minutes to small talk about the weather, traffic jams and housing prices, Vera Andreevna got down to business.
How old is yours? Eight? – She asked, – And is it still being written? At night or day? The last time Kohl was wetting the bed at the age of five, Olga recalled.
So it always wakes up dry? – clarified the chief physician, – And how often does he wet your pants? Usa live cam sex.

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