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Moreover, it was strange, given that their love date was to take place today.

And, it seems, there should be no room for feelings of awkwardness.

Sylvia glanced at him, her cheeks colored with a tender blush.
– I will not mind.
How can I refuse such a small person to save my life.
Elatius nodded gratefully and hastily undressed.
He hung the clothes on the nearest stone slabs and quickly crouched on the other side of the fire.
The Roman cast a fleeting glance in his direction and immediately looked down in embarrassment.
The man she wanted was near, just a couple of steps away, but for some reason a feeling of shame, of utter embarrassment embraced Sylvia.
It turned out to be harder than she thought: so take it and give it to him.
A sense

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of remorse was born in the soul for the planned treason.
Although, maybe it’s still not treason? Elatius, after all, slave-gladiator.
So how to be? Here it is, completely naked, beautiful, courageous, folded, like Hercules.
Sylvia pulls him.
Unrestrained pulls! He, too, seems in disarray, but as a man befits, he carefully hides his excitement.
She is in disarray, then glances at him quickly, then hides her eyes, her cheeks are burning, the heat generated by not the closeness of the fire spreads from the breasts and below, below.

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– O Venus Vseblagaya, your will.
Sylvia suddenly quickly, even rose sharply.
And right there, he jumped up.
She saw his dick.
Huge, ready to fuck.
– Madam! You.
They stepped into each other.
The gladiator’s mighty hands closed around the slim waist of a young Roman woman, then slid over her thighs.
Their lips merged in a long, sweet kiss, hotter and frantic than the flames of a fire.
She marveled at his strength, the steel fortress of his muscles.
He was huge and strong and beautiful as a god.
“Sylvia,” he whispered.
– Venus has clouded my mind.
You’re so.
He inhaled the fragrant scent of her hair, he covered her face, lips and neck with kisses.
Samnita’s hands slid, then along Sylvia’s thighs, then along her buttocks.
Even through the fabric of two tunics and a cloak, she felt how elastic and hot they were.
“Elatius, dear,” choking with passion and excitement, the young aristocratic woman murmured, “I want to be yours.”
Take it.
Right here.
But let me undress.
He began to help her.
The first to the side flew off the cloak.
Then one of the warm woolen tunics.
And then the last obstacle remained – a thin short tunic of beautiful Tarentiisan dressing, the hem of which did not reach the knees.
Samnite retreated a step and breathed noisily, excitedly, admiring Sylvia’s slender legs.
The tunic tightly adhered to her amazing figure, emphasized the steepness of the strong hips, the convex roundness of the buttocks and the small, but beautifully shaped, breasts. Video sex candid camera.

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