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This girl was of medium height, with short dark hair.
Very pretty.
I think she was 18 or 19 years old.

She was wearing such a thick blouse that nothing was visible underneath her, but from the short black skirt, beautiful slender legs stuck out.
She may have been very young, but, judging by her legs, she was quite ripe.
My dick rose, hardened and became super as I watched as this naive fool walked right towards me and her hips move so elegantly.
She came closer.
In her hands she held her purse, for sure there was lipstick and other ladies’ trinkets.
I was still behind my bush, she did not see me, and passed by.
Her dark hair was short and thick, at the back they were tied with a satin white ribbon.
I jumped on her.
He jumped like an animal, immediately covered her mouth with his palm and threw it on the ground.
She screamed shrilly, and I climbed on her and brought the knife to her throat.
For the first time I saw her face closely.
She was really pretty, with big gray eyes, a small offended mouth and high cheekbones.
The bitch looked at me frightened and screamed again.
I slapped her cheek and moved the knife so that she could see it.
“Shut up, bitch,” I shouted at her.
“Please don’t cut me,” the girl whimpered.
She fought under me, I felt her body and this led my dick to insanity.
Once again I firmly slapped her cheek and twisted my arms behind my back: – Shut up, otherwise you will get more! No sound! You will do exactly what I’ll say, but I’ll kill you, okay? She muttered something pleadingly, but stopped fighting and nodded her head.
She looked at me completely helpless.
I felt the gentle smell of her perfume and the gentle curves of a girl’s body, breathed heavily, and in my shorts a member was pounding.

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I picked it up and holding her hands behind my back sent her to the bench.
There I arranged it on the bench on the back of the bench, my hands tied with a rope, and that was useful.
Then I put my hand under her skirt, grabbed her panties and put fingers into them.
She squealed and roared again.
We started to fight again, I love it very much.
I pulled her panties down and tried to take them off, but she broke free, managed to jump and tried to run.
I grabbed her again and threw it on the bench.
Then he climbed under the skirt again, ripped off her panties and threw them somewhere to the side.
The girl screamed “NO!” And began to resist even more intensely.
I was even surprised how strong this bitch was.
It took me all the strength to keep pressing it to the bench and at the same time trying to get a member.
But this struggle only aroused me, and the organ seems to have never been so long and hard.
Finally, I pulled it out of my pants.
It was a fat and long black dick.
I jerked up her little skirt.
At first she tried to resist, but I quickly lifted up the skirt much higher than the waist.
It was a good picture, a bitch with her arms tied, resting on the back of the bench, legs bent at the knees and resting on the seat and standing with legs apart and a bare ass.
Then I took her by the hips and, finally, felt my hot black dick touch her soft tender petals for the first time.
I barely restrained myself, so as not to immediately finish! She, of course, strained and squeezed her hips as soon as she felt my hungry cock trying to pierce it.
– What’s the matter? You do not want to get my seed? Too good for that? I put my hands down between her thighs and tried to push them apart.
The skin on the inside of the thighs was so soft and silky that I could not resist, stroked and then pinched.
She screamed in pain.
I pushed the organ to its crack.

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I pressed, but he did not want to climb, as her crack was very small for my unit.
Then I pressed harder and, finally, I’m at its gate! The girl is already tired and just screaming, not screaming.
And then I discovered what I was hoping for: she was a virgin.
Another push and I uncork it.
She issued a girlish scream, and bent from my push.
Her pussy was very tight and it is tightly enfolded my nigger tool, I just did not finish I do not know.
I began to peck her tight girl.
I also tried to restrain myself, but I could no longer.
So I increased the pace, began to sharply peck it and felt the wave of pleasure growing in the eggs and then going down along my long black spear. Vietnam bigo live sex.

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