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She inflicted nine full blows to Larisa, mistaken only once, and knocked out a moan from her on the eighth.
Having received the final blow, Larisa jumped off the inclined board, as if stung, and began gently rubbing the affected places, muttering something under her breath.
Her wounded pride required immediate satisfaction, and the next ten blows to Stella’s swollen buttocks Larissa put all her strength and skill back, waiting a few seconds after each and enjoying the sight of her trembling hands and body twitching.

Twice Stella, having received a particularly strong blow to the fresh scars, fiercely threw back her head and arched her whole body, and then slowly sank back.
She sighed deeply several times, but it was the only sound we could hear.

Waiting for her turn, Stella also gave Larissa another dozen strong whistling blows.
This time, she focused on her hitherto untouched hips.
Larissa’s legs fluttered and began to convulsively shrink at the knees after the first touch of the rod.
Stella, however, did not dare to give her a warning and I had to do it.

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Larisa dutifully put her long, slender legs on the floor and immediately groaned loudly at the next bite of a tough ruthless whip.
The hit was very successful, the fresh strip crossed out the swollen scars from previous blows and cut the skin in two places.
Larissa fiercely wagged her ass, trying to calm the tearing pain, and immediately received another resounding blow, she drew a new slowly fading strip in the upper part of her charming halves.
Her beautiful body swept from side to side, she even pulled herself up in her arms, which made her legs again off the floor.
I was going to warn her again, but Larisa very quickly pulled herself together, and Stella delivered the remaining blows with much less force.
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