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“Well, she doesn’t even know about your plans anymore,” said Olesya, smiling.
– Of course, I do not know! I brought her home to watch TV together, otherwise I don’t look alone.
Oleska laughed.

In a moment we landed and the elevator doors opened.
When we entered the apartment, my sister took off her shoes and ran to the toilet.
I went to the kitchen and quickly dumped the contents of the refrigerator on the table.
Olesya sat on the same place where her friend was sitting a few weeks ago.
I poured the wine, diluted the gin with tonic and sat next.
More than half an hour we drank and talked.
This game made me very excited, it felt like we were really on the first date.
And indeed, in such conditions, we met for the first time.
My head was starting to make noise from alcohol, the evening reached its hot spot.
Olesya was sitting next to her, with her legs crossed.
“It’s hot for you,” she said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”
Oleska left the kitchen.
I took a cigarette, lit it and went out to the balcony.
I stuck my head out and looked down.
After a moment, my sister returned.
– Can I have a cigarette? she asked.
– Of course! I took out a cigarette and handed it to Olesya.
She lit a cigarette and stood beside her.
“Beautiful evening,” she said, and ran her hand along my back.
I turned to my sister and took her by the waist.

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Oleska looked into my eyes.
“Throw a cigarette,” she said, “let’s go and finish drinking wine and.”
I cut her phrase with a kiss.
Olesya closed her eyes, and our lips closed again.
Returning to the kitchen, I sat in the same place.
Behind me came sister.
I looked at her and almost went crazy.
She took off her bra, and now the dress was covered with her bare breasts.
Tits literally fell out of the dress, nipples strongly protruding through the dress.
This madly wound up.
I got up and took my sister by the waist.
“You came up with something cool,” I said, and I put my lips to my chest.
From the sister proceeded all the same captivating smell.
I held my palms up and took ripe melons in my hands.
Lifting them up, I immediately let them go.

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Breast gently swayed, exciting my sexual organ.
My sister did not say a word, she just watched my actions.
I took the breasts in my palms again, and began to wrap my nipples around my lips.
Olesya’s breathing quickened, she felt pleasure from any touch.
This went on for several minutes.
“Let’s sit,” said the sister, “we will always have time to bed.”
And then our meetings will be reduced purely to the technical part.
But now I most wanted to get into bed with her.
I let Oleska go and she sat on the sofa.
Sitting close to my sister, I took the gin from the table and put Oleske’s hand on my knee.
She drank wine.
Stroking my sister’s thigh, I listened carefully to her.
About half an hour we talked nicely.
After that we went to the balcony.
My sister leaned on the window sill, I walked up behind me and wrapped my hand around her waist.
“You’re so warm,” said Olesya.
“You’re hot too, girl,” I said.
Olesya turned her head, and I kissed her on the cheek.
Five minutes later we returned to the kitchen, and I sat down again.
Sis stood in front of me.
Dexterously and erotically, she took off her pantyhose and panties. Asian spy cam sex.

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